Holoreel Release

Dear Citizens,

As a part of the Highway Police outreach programme, I have released a new holoreel that covers concerns I have heard from many fellow citizens and how I, as a member of the New Order, plan to address them.

Due to our commitment to ensure capsuleers do not exploit the resources of non-capsuleers, I am implementing a revolutionary pricing model for access to this holoreel:

  • Non-capsuleers - free
  • Capsuleers compliant with the New Halaima Code of Conduct - 1 million ISK
  • Non-compliant capsuleers - 11 million ISK (this pricing band also includes a free permit)

For further details of how to pay and/or register for your access, further details can be found here.

Hail James!

Ange des Larmes,
Highway Police

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The price policy is a bit surprising.
Do you know that you can get over two hundred hours of contraband indecent gallente reels way cheaper?
Just saying…

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Is it not right that those who can afford to pay do so? Eleven million ISK is nothing to most capsuleers let alone one million.

Think of how many trillions of people are due to access this content for free, Ms Kim. As much as I wish to be charitable, I cannot ignore that we operate in a market where there are costs that need to be covered.

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You know, Ms. Larmes, it sounds as a discrimination.
In the State your ability to buy a certain good is decided by your income. It’s the merit that determines accessibility of goods for you to buy. The more you earn - the more you can buy. If you rich - you can buy millions of reels. If you’re poor, you barely can afford one or none at all - until you will start working properly and will begin earning. If you don’t work, if you don’t earn - you don’t deserve these goods to buy.

You’re working with miners, yes? I can offer you analogy with miner. If you mine 24/7 without distracting yourself to idle chatter and concentrate fully on your work, then you earn a lot of money and deserve to buy goods. If you mine about less than hour a day, then you’re not a merited miner and won’t have money to buy certain goods.

That’s how proper economy works.

And what you’re doing is just wrong.

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No. Exploiting the resources that non-capsuleers rely on to survive is wrong, Ms Kim. I wouldn’t expect you to understand the nuance, however, as you have previously proven that you cannot see beyond your own view.

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That’s just rude.

Don’t call your inability to explain your view logically as inability of others to see it.

Looks like, in the end, you’re no better than a regular brainwashed gallente propagandist, who just barks on people, insulting those whom they disagree with.


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Ma’am, I have previously explained to you why I believe exploiting non-capsuleers is abhorrent and you appear to have forgotten which implies you do not care for my view.

However, for the benefit of those who have not been privy to such information before, your system of a free market only works if everyone has equal opportunity. With capsuleers having most of the wealth and most of the power, they act in accordance to the needs of capsuleers and ignore the needs of those who do not have clones thus starving them of these opportunities.

This is not because they do not work hard enough or because they are not talented enough. It is because they are not lucky enough to be one of the small percentage of us humanity that can become a capsuleer due to their genetics.

One’s genes should not dictate one’s wealth.

So, it’s ma’am already? Weren’t you starting with ad hominem attacks and now try to create an impression of a polite person?

If you would really be worried about exploitation of non-capsuleers, you would have left CODE long ago and started fighting them, since I don’t know any alliance who abuses non-capsuleers more than CODE (and sometimes Goons).

A lot of CODE pilots commit criminals deeds in Empire space that lead to guaranteed vessel destruction at the hands of CONCORD. CONCORD always wins.

CODE always loses.

And yet they continue doing that. But they do it not in corvettes that can be easily piloted by a capsuleer only, but in enormous destroyer-class cruisers, packed with non-capsuleer crew.

I haven’t seen such enormous disrespect to human life as of these CODE and Goon pilots. If you truly want to stop exploitation and abuse of non-capsuleers, you shall fight them, not for them.

Well, what I can say. Nobody is born equal, that’s the law of the Nature. Someone is always better than another in genes, in education, in experience. Someone will be earning a lot, someone won’t be.

And genes alone never dictate the wealth, because it’s the choice of the owner of these genes how do use them. If they use they wrong, they will become wealthy. If they won’t - they will stay in poverty.

Discrimination is using these genes as excuse. For example, taking on a job some kind of minority just because they’re minority but not because of their skills - that’s discrimination. Look at scientists in the State and you will see that majority of them is Achura. Do you think we need a special point in the test that being Achura gives you better probability at taking that job? No, contest is same for everyone, it’s just not everyone are equal and Achura win the contest for the position way more often. Yes, it’s in genes, and what would you do? Take some Civire who failed the test instead of Achura who passed? That would be a nonsence, unacceptable in meritocratic State. Unfortunately, I heard such situations actually happen in the Federation - but it only shows a degradation of Gallente society.

Genes give you potential. If you develop your potential, you will be successful. If you will be successful, you’ll be more easier to procreate. And that means if you support those who are more successful, you will guarantee your society growth, eventually everyone will becoming more successful. But that’s already going into sphere of eugenics, so lets leave the rest to our corporate marriage system scientists.

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Then may I suggest that my holoreel may not be for you, Ms Kim. Your disagreeing with my pricing model will not make me change it.

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Official Announcement

As announced here, any and all profits from this holoreel will go to humanitarian aid projects supporting the people of Intaki V.

If any such projects would like to apply for funding, please comment below.


In the light of this, everyone who will be spotted buying CODE holoreel will be denounced as criminal and piracy supporters and will be marked red on my part for immediate destruction on contact in the warzone.

Those who wish to support the people of Intaki V shall transfer their funds to LDPS directly ignoring any dubious schemes ran by pirate organizations with shady reputation.


This can’t be stressed enough. Don’t buy from Ms. des Larmes in hopes of supporting a charity or anything except her vile actions. She’s just trying to swizz you.


Where is the ‘swizz’? Apparently offering something to hundreds of billions of people for free is a swindle? We don’t permit scamming in the New Order but if we did I would surely be the worst scammer in existence!

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I assure you that I never accused you of being good at anything.


I find it very interesting that the Intergalactic Summit - a supposed gathering of the greatest and brightest across the cluster - has to resort to name-calling and unfounded, unevidenced attacks on myself and on the New Order. It’s as if they cannot argue against the message and the meaning but, instead, have to attack the bogeyman they have made us out to be.

I now speak to the non-capsuleers of the cluster. Those that have been the victims of their own slurs at the hands of capsuleers. Those that have been ignored for being ‘baseliners’. Is this the kind of society we want? Because it’s the kind of society the corruption of CONCORD has enabled for too long now.

On YC121.08.18, join me in peaceful protest. Not protest against your local governance. Not even against your Empire, State, Republic or Federation. But protest against the one body that wishes to overrule them all, take more of your money and yet not protect you.

On YC121.08.18, stand with me and tell CONCORD you’re not on board!

Ms. Larmers, I would gladly avoid using any name-calling and attacks on you person provided YOU weren’t doing it the same. I was trying to be considerate with you, but no - you were descending to ad hominems in multiple cases, once even joined unrelated discussion with only ad hominem purpose. For now I could just say: enjoy YOUR own medicine. You have well deserved it.

And since YOU were bringing personal attacks against other speakers (against me for sure!), your whining about that seems a bit hypocritical and unfounded. If you want to change that - apologize before everyone for everything you said against them, and maybe…


next time we won’t attack you personally.

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You do not have any, any authority over anyone CODE. cultist.
You are a plague upon the sea of stars, no better than Sansha Kuvakei and his brainless drones.
You must be purged, like how all tyrants deserve.

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Ok, I’m’a just point out you changed from passive to active here, and with that change, inverted what I suspect your intent was.

This construction actually winds up reading: ‘We must purge you like all tyrants do’, implying the people doing the purging are the tyrants. ie: you’re claiming to be a tyrant.

Excuse me for interjecting here but this is a Capsuleer Communication Channel only.

Non-Capsuleers have no access to this channel and as such, they won’t know about your Holoreel Release, even if you were to announce it over the CSPA Local Network they still wouldn’t know about it since that’s also reserved for Capsuleer use only.

Thank you for your clarification.
My…Caldarian is little rusty I suppose.