Homefront сontest, fair competition!

Greetings Capsuleers! I specifically registered on the forum to talk about a very serious problem of toxicity and trolling, as well as try to make the gameplay more enjoyable and understandable for everyone on the Homefronts!

With the increasing popularity of Homefront, the problem of fleet competition is becoming more acute, but in the current game realities, there is simply no opportunity for fair competition between the two fleets! I am FC who leads fleets on Homefronts, increasingly it happens that we arrive at the site together with another fleet, which leads to the fact that neither they nor we can get the full reward for completing the complex, as a result, we are forced to stand together with them on the same site from half an hour to an hour without doing nothing, just so as not to give up our complex and not show our weakness. There are also a large number of trolls who fly behind the fleet and spoil payments to the entire fleet. Everyone loses from such mechanics in general, since neither we nor the competitor can receive the full payment and farm normally.

It happens that another fleet specially flies after us to prevent us from farming and to etch us from this content!

I propose to revise the mechanics of receiving payments for the site and make it the same as for the Sansha invasions and Pirate Fortresses, namely, to issue a payment to the fleet that made the greatest contribution to the passage of the complex. This will remove the opportunity for other fleets as well as random trolls to interfere with farming communities that are diligently pumped to farm since it is impossible to force them to leave in another way in high-sec.

I beg you to do this as soon as possible, otherwise, people will simply leave for another, more balanced type of content!

Thank you for your attention and time, please support this proposal if you are not indifferent to the fate of the homefront.


Please make it possible to remove the blue information plate during the warp on the site, it annoys everyone in general.


CCP, make this please.

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we really need it

Do we really want CCP to support that??

To the OP, just go to another site, it’s the same as with any event sites in highsec. If you can’t complete it fast enough to have competition to show up, bad luck.

„Farming“ is neither normal nor a god given right.

On the contrary of „oh wow so strong“, sounds like you’re getting played for a fool. They’re able to paralyze you sitting in a site doing nothing while they are able to clear the other sites behind you.

We do it in 3 minutes, but there are simply not enough signals in space so that several fleets do not intersect with each other.

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