Homefront Site Competition

After running homefront operation sites recently, I believe there has been a severe oversight on the payout structure.

Currently the maximum payout is achieved at 5 capsuleers with reduced payouts possible above or below that up to a maximum of 10. This is good and has been a great way to get newbros excited about making some large (to them) amount of ISK.

A large negative that I have seen happening more and more is that a solo capsuleer (or maybe 2) look for sites that are being run, warp in and do something insignificant such as use a warp disruptor or remote repair module. They then get paid out when the site completes to the detriment of the fleet of capsuleers that worked together to complete the objective.

Instead it should work similar to incursions where only capsuleers in the highest contributing fleet receive the payout. This would stop the trolls that are just there to ruin other’s experience, and may create friendly competition between fleets that show up to the same site.

TLDR: Homefront Operation sites need to be fixed so that only the highest contributing fleet gets paid out if there are competing capsuleers or trolls in the site.

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Damn seagulls! I swear CCP is just allowing Eve to become more and more toxic, this isn’t how you keep a player-driven market and environment alive, discouraging the most committed players from working towards rewards never ends well for any IP.

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Maybe they need a system where once the fleet enters the gate locks behind them?

IE, nobody else can enter that instance.

You just have to sit on the outside of the gate and run on repairer in it. its crazy, absolutely zero risk. Seems completely opposite to the way EVE is normally. It should change that you need to be inside the site and within maybe 50km. This is easier isk than afk mining.

As a proud homefront seagull myself, 90% of homefront runners are multiboxers who complete the sites in like 5min or less and make a ton of isk with it.
It shouldn’t be possible to do up to 1b isk/hour by multiboxing 5 cheaply fit cruisers risk free in highsec. So I tax them.
If you have a problem with that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgvM7av1o1Q
New people don’t really care if they get only 11m instead of 17m per site.

Btw I take orders to target specific groups and you also can just pay me to leave you alone :woman_shrugging:

@Freya_Tha_ni Welcome. How did you stumble upon the Assembly hall and this thread in particular. Kind of an odd place for your first post?