Homefront operacions

in one of the last updates you noticed the possibility to get rewards without directly participating in homefront operacions and fixed this bug, which allowed unscrupulous players to take advantage of other players’ efforts.

I would also like to draw your attention to the mechanics of reward distribution in these activities.
I think that the element of competition is to get a group of players to take positions faster than others and start performing the necessary actions to get the reward. and the optimal reward is given to a group of 5 pilots.
But the ability to have 5 more pilots join the operation will negate the efforts of all the others, reducing the rewards for all.

There are players who prefer to receive rewards not by competing in speed, coherence of actions, and prefer to just fly in and take a part of the reward from the group of pilots who took the operation.
Such players act both alone and in groups.
In fact, fixing the bug described earlier did not change anything, only a few new modules added to the ships of those who previously used the bug.

I believe (I think so do many players) that in these operations, the maximum number of participants receiving awards should not exceed 5. So will retain the element of competition between several fleets that arrived at the scene of the event at the same time (who had time to turn on the right modules, the one who receives awards).
Players can not affect the reducing their reward other players because of retaliation from the concorde.
This is used by all who do not want to search for events, to be in time to them before others.
Some even just chase logistic fleets to intervene as soon as they start an operation.

In the area of these operations should be conditions that allow to destroy ships without retaliation from the concorde, or rewards should receive only the first 5 players who launched the necessary modules for the operation on the desired targets.

I ask you to create a poll among players (preferably directly in the game, as in social networks many do not visit and it would give the opportunity to dishonest players using multiple accounts to influence the result in their favor) in order to find out whether it is necessary to change anything in the mechanics of homefront operacions.

I would implement this as:

The homefront’s acceleration gate spawns with a counter at 5.
The counter ticks down once per gate activation until zero.
Once at zero, every activation of the gate causes a suspect flag.

edit: way more fun if it starts at 4 :slight_smile:

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