Homefront Rewards abusing without doing event

So, it is now possible to get the rewards of a Homefront site without entering it as long as a group is already doing it.

  1. Take a basic ship, doesn’t matter which one
  2. Equip it with a Remote Rep (Armor or Shield, doesn’t matter the type
  3. Find a Homefront anomaly and warp on it
  4. Dscan at 1UA
    If it is empty : Warp to another HF Site

If there is a group :
5) Target and repair the Acceleration gate
6) Get a share of the reward and go to another site, you will eventually get the other rewards from this site later even if not in the system anymore

The group inside is unable to do anything to prevent you from stealing the reward and will loose approx 20% of it’s revenue.
HF Stealer - Skill Queue
HF Stealer - Ship Fit

To be clear, I talk of bug abuse and stealing rewards, but as it was confirmed by a GM in a assistance ticket, it is not consdered a faulty behaviour and everyone is allowed to do so without any form of punishment…

New meta!

you mean, other ppl are smart and get rewards for low effort ? nothing new …

btw you know its not a but cause you written in the other thread aswell

I simply follow the good guidance given by the GM :wink:

I don’t have any faith in this kind of messages, but I would feel at fault for not doing what GM told me to :smiley:

This is cool, anything disrupting Homefront farming is welcome. :slight_smile:

BTW, same was possible with OBS at the beginning iirc.

Well… I don’t think it is cool as the new gameplay was a good idea…

But again, having a flawed system and not going against abusers is a bad signal to community

I don’t think adding more gameplay for multibox farmers to easily print ISK in absolute safety is a good idea.

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