A Bug that players abuse particularly in the Emergency Aid Homefront sites, players will repair the gate and will get a slice of the payout without getting inside the gate.

filed a ticket and the GM said it’s not a bug abuse. OMGWTF!!

Got the same reply from GM…

So we can now consider “best practice” by CCP to steal rewards without doing the content and without taking any risk…

exactly…it’s like CCP is telling us to ruin the game without directly saying it.

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It’s called seagulling and it’s a common thing that happens in any area where there are payouts for folks being on grid. Old as the game.

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Having a bad feature behaviour for a long time doesn’t make it better ^^;

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Just to make things super clear for you since it sounds like you’re not understanding the problem:

  1. These people are not ‘on grid’. They are sitting on the acceleration gate outside.
  2. It can be done in any ship capable of entering high-security space that can equip any kind of repper, including ships unable to activate the acceleration gate to enter the site.

We are NOT talking about people entering the site to seagull on-grid. That (while still a bit scummy) is fair play.

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It’s still seagulling. They aren’t actively doing what it takes to complete the site but are getting a piece of the payout. That’s textbook seagulling.

It’s stupid nonetheless, it adds nothing of value, causes only frustration by those undertaking the effort of forming a fleet and doing the work. Fixing it simply is the better solution than not fixing it. Especially if it can be done from outside the area and people can’t do much about it in HS.
But yeah, if one would want to frustrate his customers without any good reason, thats the way to do it.

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Looks more like a bug tbh


This is something that should be discussed at CCP because, at least to me and a few other people I know personally and am playing with, this does not seem like an intended feature. It is basically getting ISK for doing nothing at all or at the lowest effort from all available activities.

I apologize for the text below as it deserves yet another thread, but it is deeply connected to the issue above.

Additionally, there is yet another issue: people using bots and automation software (which is against the Terms of Service and bannable) to run mainly the Emergency Aid sites 24/7. God knows what they are doing with the ISK profits afterwards. I do not want to accuse anyone of anything, but use your imagination; it is already known that some people live off the profits from EVE Online and do not need any job in real life.

If you think they are bots, report them. Ccp will sort out the issue.

I can surely relate to this. I always see a squad of Augurors running the Emergency Aid sites. He seems to run it 24/7. Tried talking to him but the only reply i got was a short yes. lol

Smells like a bot, acts like a bot, it is a bot.

And there is a report button, hope you used it if you think its a bot

it took 2 years to ban Uedama Scout who was literally botting in twitch in front of everyone. Good luck with the Home Front bots!

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Bot or bot adjacent.

Also, anyone who thinks it is seagulling to sit outside of the actual site, in high sec, and be rewarded…doesn’t understand what seagulling is. Seagulls are supposed to have to actually go to where the food is.

it’s fixed guys :slight_smile: finally. :wink:

Isn’t the Uedamascout twitch channel back online?

yes, first ban due to botting lasts for 3 days.

  • 1st offence: 3-day ban and certain limitations for the account.
  • 2nd offence: permanent ban.

and the Homefront bug is back, saw a Burst or a Bantam outside the Accelaration get and getting a slice of the payout.

CCP are incompetent stop giving them your money?