HORIZON Ind. is Recruiting

HORIZON Ind. is Recruiting

HORIZON Ind. was founded on June 2003 and was the Industrial Backbone for Cutting Edge (Razor Alliance) in that time.
Many years have gone since and that Corp became more and more inactive.
Id like to revive it and thats why we are looking for you :wink:

o Nothing special
o English, German or French
o SeAT - Auth
o Discord

What do we offer:
o Access to a perfect P4 WH with own Structure
o Private PathFinder and other tools
o Access to 200 BPOs, from T1 to T2 (originals), Capital Mods.
o Skillplans
o Buyback program

What do we expect from you?:
o You are self-sufficient
o You are willed to learn
o No drama, no crying, no beggin

Ingame Channel: HRZ
HQ: Nonni VI - Moon 1 - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory
Discord: HORIZON Ind.

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