Singularity's Horizon - Low Class PvP Action!

Singularity’s Horizon is a newly formed wormhole corp operating out of a a C3 Pulsar static Hi-Sec and looking to grow. The C3 has on average 3 Dynamics open at any given time, so content is never sparse. In the rare occasion no dynamics are open, more content is only a Hi-Sec jump away!

We’re recruiting all members interested in PvP and minor industrial activities in the US Timezone. We can offer a base of operations with infrastructure for minor industrial activities, as well as plenty of PvP ranging from home defense to hunting, as well as a fully set-up Discord server. Players of all character ages and SP are welcome, as we have experienced members able to teach, as well as doctrine ships for all players, but even veteran players looking to get into wormhole space are sure to have a good time.

All that is required to join is an API key, and a great attitude. Look up “Singularity’s Horizon” in game and send in an application or convo/EVE mail “Inferius Ellecon”. For more information, join our public recruitment channel “Horizon’s Recruitment” as well.

See you in Space!


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