HotDropOClock is now open to new members!

Looking for members to join HotDropOClock Enterprises!

We are a null sec corporation located in the Tenerifis Region and are a member of the Skeleton Crew Alliance.

-Teamspeak for Alliance ops
-5m Skill points Minimum
-Willingness to Authenticate
-Willingness to participate in fleet ops to defend region sovereignty

What We Offer
-Access to a stable growing null sec region near Detroid
-Angel Cartel Space
-Access to several pristine SAFE mining systems including an extensive moon mining network, ice belts and growing industrial sectors
-Daily Roaming Gangs and Ops
-Region Wide Buy-Back-Program
-Ship Replacement Program for Alliance Ops
-Large Coalition of players providing up to the minute intel of our local area
-Over 1100 members in alliance

If you’d like a solid Null Sec Region to call your own, hit me up on here, or in game, Alder0n.
Let us help you take your Eve-Online experience to the next level!

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