Hound fitting

Can some1 share with me a Hound fitt for solo PVP for WH and Null (with the upcomming changes). Thanks.

I wish CCP made them all the same in terms of slot layout, cpu and powergrid. Currently the Manticore and the Nemesis only differ in cpu output and a little cargo hold.

The same sad fate is for the hound and Purifier which both share the same slot layout.

Try this:

3x torpedo launcher II
covert ops cloak
bomb launcher I or II

1mn afterburner
1x target painter II (or sensor dampener)
1x warp disruptor II (or the enduring one)

2x ballistic control II
1x co-processor II

1x processor overclocking unit II
1x warhead rigor catalyst I

960 nova rage torpedoes
960 nova javelin torpedoes
2x shrapnel bomb (in case you are using the t1 one)

Keep in mind that the afterburner is your “tank” and keep an eye on your capacitor.

Happy hunting!

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