Ship balance - The Nemesis stealth bomber

Looking for new fit for stealth bombers and now that I can fly all 4 of them, I noticed that the Nemesis is a sad step child of the bunch.

In order to be with the cool kids again, I recon that an increase of 15 teraflops of CPU output would suffice to make the Nemesis as cool as the Manticore.

What do you guys think?

Then why not just fly the Manticore?

Well since CCP made them all the same with torpedoes and the Manticore and Nemesis sharing the same slot layout and the Purifier and hound sharing also the same slot layout, I would say that the fits in both cases would be roughly the same too, wouldn’t you agree?

Here is the only difference between the 4 bombers:

  • The Manticore gets a bonus to kinetic damage
  • The Nemesis gets a bonus to thermal damage
  • The Purifier gets a bonus to em damage
  • The hound gets a bonus to explosive damage

Now with all things being equal the Nemesis is the only outlier which cannot share the fit with the Manticore.
The Purifier and hound however can share the same fit for them.

Why would thermal damage be bad for the game?

The Nemesis is a Gallente ship, and they are generally Armor/Hull tanked.
The Manticore is a Caldari ship, and they are generally Shield tanked.

Different Empire faction ships utilize and rely on different types of tank, both of which consume differing amounts of PG and CPU.

Shield tanked ships generally have greater midslots and higher CPU fittings to allow people the chance to fit more shield tanking modules. Armor tanking ships generally have greater lowslots and higher PG because armor tanking generally consumes more PG. That difference is what makes each ship unique. If you want the Nemesis to be exactly like the Manticore, just fly the Manticore.

Nothing about the ships requires that the exact same fit be perfectly translated to each of the ships.

Now you’re just trying to move goalposts and derail the original topic.

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The nemesis also has the highest hull base HP. Add a damage control.and you get more EHP out of it then the other ships without sacrificing multiple slots. It’s hull is more then 50% more then any of the others.

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highest ehp on a stealth bomber is like saying most bulletproof piece of paper, it really doesn’t mean much.



The afterburner is your tank, not how much plates or shield extenders you slam on your paper sheet. And who needs application right?

Just throw torpedoes senseless into the ether, what could go wrong.

And to think you were trying to run CSM a while ago…

I like my Nemesis. And it is fitted with Light Neutron Blasters :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Covops have no decloaking delay to targeting…

Manticore is the best sniper


Well, good that you didn’t run considering your interesting understanding of empire factions with regards to slot layouts. If the Nemesis really was intended to be a Hull tanker, it would have appropriate slot layout with more low slots than a shield tanker and fewer mid slots than a shield tanker. Since this is not the case and since you tank bombers mostly in shields, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

Who moved the goal post first? Oh, wait:



Yes indeed. I do a lot of hunting in non-torp bombers. Lots of fun.

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The nemesis does struggle with fitting room issues more than its counterpart. If the 7 extra hull hp it has is meant as a balance for that you can have them back.

It’s a lot more then 7, more like 300

this is how a lot of ships are in eve (particularly smaller ones) its not bad enough that it is unflyable but it suffers from being out of place for its race as a stealth bomber. It needs high cpu for its cloak and torps/bombs but cpu is a caldari trait where as pg is a gal trait something not as needed in a bomber

no change needed. there was a point when it was bad… real bad and it was changed

basically ships that are worse for the sake of variety are better than having four identical ships

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