Manticore is too OP...needs a Ne&&

I really hate to suggest this, but isn’t really about time the dreaded Manticore receives a much needed nerf. It’s power is astounding for a stealth bomber. It is a flying death machine. Let me explain.

Today, I witnessed a single Manticore utterly annihalate a Navy Drake, an Ares, and a Hecate --simutaniously. The Drake, Ares, and Hecate were peacefully transiting a system when the Manticore decloaked and let loose salvo after salvo of terrifying torpedoes. He flew circles around his advasaries, as his torpedoes blasted them to smithereens. The Hecate was the first to fall. Then the Ares, which should have been able to outrun and escape the deadly Manticore, was blown from the stars. The Drake pilot held off the massive onslought of torpedoes for a short while, but eventually his ship cracked and he was podded.

CCP. The Manticore ought to be nerfed. Please

Agreed OP. In fact, that ship ought to be removed from the game

And remove Hecates, Ares and Drake as well because they are completely utterly useless if they cannot destroy a single bomber.


No. Go away.


Take it to the Fiction Portal where it belongs…


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Sounds like a pilot that knows how to handle his/her Manticore, 10/10 would love to watch the YouTube of said destructive prowess.

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lol just shoot EM at it, like really

No just shoot literally anything that does over 50 dps at it and stop standing still.

OP reads like stealth boasting tbh.

CCP probably should lock the thread for trolling.

OP, stop bragging about killmails against your own alts.

Really glad I wasn’t the only one who thought this.

Lmao, more like CCPls ban those garbage players.

1: The ares shoulda been able to catch up to the bomber and has a small enough sig to not die if he wasnt dumb and (I assume) turned on his mwd.
2: Hecate is in a similar boat as the ares, his sig is bigger but he should have a tank.
3: A DNI has specific bonuses to hit smaller ships easier than the normal Drake. The bomber had to be within disruptor range which is well within light missile range. So I’m guessing that the drake didnt pack long range ammo, making him dumb too.

tldr, natural selection is sorting itself out just fine.

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just fly a loki, you can sig tank the bomb and torpedo like no tomorrow

overheat afterburner to 500m/s+ you should negate 80% missile damage

Sounds like Loki must be nerf’d.

Also, Ares fitted with afterburner/shield extender can tank manticore indefinitely

ares sig/speed = 35/425 (EVEuni wiki) only taking 55 dps with webbed


I believe your story is made up.

[Manticore, Manticore fit]

Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II

1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Stasis Webifier II
Warp Disruptor II
[Empty Med slot]

Bomb Launcher II, Concussion Bomb
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Torpedo Launcher II, Caldari Navy Scourge Torpedo
Torpedo Launcher II, Caldari Navy Scourge Torpedo
Torpedo Launcher II, Caldari Navy Scourge Torpedo

Small Processor Overclocking Unit II
Small Processor Overclocking Unit II

scurred just reading this!

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That volume of fire would probably make Duchess Harrington scared. :worried:

Let’s remove all weapons from the game because killing people is baaaaaaaaad.

-10/10 terrible troll.

The only way I can imagine this story to be true is if all three dead pilots were afk. Link the killboard where this happened, or this post is BS.

Edit: This troll post also belongs in a different subforum. Get it right next time.