How about creating sections for discussions on PI, Market, Corporation Mgmt, and all

Not everyone does PVP, PVE. Many are interested in PI, Trading, Hauling etc… the new forum should have sections for this. And ways to improve game play in these areas.

Isn’t the #marketplace appropriate for market and trading discussion? I put my PI guide under #industry-gameplay-center:mining-extraction

Not sure how I’d categorize hauling, maybe Extraction?

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I believe PVE and Market serve good functions in the old forum, should also have some sub forums.
it would also be nice to have a place to advertise for ingame services such as hauling, industrial parks, per order sales of manufactured goods, systems for PI ect. Game mechanics discussion on different topics could be in a differnt section. But a place to discuss in game play needs a place.

Planetary interaction - for buy / sell systems , gantries,

Truckers corner - organization of hauling services - discussion on hisec gank mechs - warnings ect.

Market - Buy - Sell-

Builders corner -Manufacturing - research facilities / industrial parks,

In a different main section should be a corporations thread.
alliance recruiting
corp recruiting
Corp/alliance management discussion

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I love the truckers corner idea :smiley: in game there’s the haulers channel and it’s a really cool culture in there

I am so there girlfriend.