How do I attend a pirate corp who's being respectful

I did some research about the pirate corps. But I found it is hard to apply for them such as the tuskers.
They prefer experienced player who already had quality killing records.
So, as a “new player” to eve, how do I find a respectful pirate corp wants new player with 200-330 million skill points.
By the way, I am in the GMT+8 Time Zone.
I’ve been played for two years in Serenity server between 2015-2017.
I destoryed 280+billion, and loss for 110+ billion too in the killboard for Serenity server before I afk.

Check in game recruitment ads and the recruitment section of the forums to look for corps that have requirements that you meet.

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Thanks. I’ve read some topics. But I found it difficult to figure out which is suitale for me, because I did not really konw those corps yet.

Thanks, it is really helpful.

Makes sense earning their respect FIRST and then applying.

Before I joined R1FTA, I cut my teeth on faction warfare. This is where I had a couple encounters with Sem Scord who was lurking in a plex. He called me into his plex for some pvp. Which I accepted and got my tailpipe handed to me, but that is how I met him and stated a report.

Later I enquired about their pirate corp and he told me to apply.

So in short

  1. get pvp experience with faction warefare.
  2. if you see pirates, engage them. Have good fights and fist bump afterwards. Chat with them.
  3. grow your report with them through multiple encounters.
  4. enquire into their corp and see if they are recruiting.
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I am about to become what I hate most, but I think you mean rapport.

If someone handed me a nice A4 report with cover page, summaries, and conclusion of our previous piratical engagements, then I would have to file them away in a proper manner involving a dilapidated filing cabinet, rusty paper shredder, several gallons of premium gasoline, and the smoldering remains of their ship hull to kick the filing process off.

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Yes that.

Although now i like the idea of a rough and gnarly gang of pirates who take their paperwork and bookkeeping seriously.

Join BringingSoloBack in-game channel helps with those types of corp’s as you can become familiar with a lot of their best players.

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