Pirates of the Caribbean are looking for you!

Hi there,

Approximately a year ago I decided to start a corp which would be a bit different than most other corps in terms of tax, roles and obligations etc. After a year we are now at 400+ members, and I would say approx 80-100 members are active across all time zones (on an 24 hour basis).

What we can offer and what we do?

Well, what we offer is no obligations or requirements in any sense; from being online, paying taxes or expectation to join fleets etc. So are we then in any way different from an NPC corp? Yes! We try to organize fleets -mining, PvP, PvE etc. and provide some industry possibilities for those interested. A great deal of our activities is focused around helping new ones and trying to get them into shooting, exploring building stuff. Also, we are not involved in politics nor will we ever be. Do we have other corps as friends? Ofc, but we try to limit our friendships until there is a good reason for one. If we decide to randomly shoot around, we will do that whenever we choose to!

What we can offer for vets in this game?
If you like to help new ones, lead fleets and provide advice then you are at the right place, but if you are looking for professionals to work with then I can honestly tell you that we are not at that stage yet.

Why are we looking for more members?

Thanks to the two directors in my corp and another member who are running fleets/ops several times a week, we are looking for both vets and new ones to get even more content (and fun!). We have more than enough vets to organize fleets, so we are looking to grow until we reach a stage where there is a good balance between the demand of organized fleets and the supply of vets who can organize those.

Where do we want to be or to improve?
We strive to improve our skills in eve, to be more organized and to help new ones find their way in eve. Therefore we need more members, both new ones to help them grow and vets to help new ones out!

If you have a specific question, don’t hesitate to reach out!

We are still looking :slight_smile:

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