How do I get into Haulers Channel?


I am thinking of doing hauling as an activity in Eve. In my research, I saw the reference to the “Haulers Channel” as a very useful resource. However, when I tried to join this channel in-game, I get the message “This channel is unavailable to you”.

Am I typing in the channel name wrongly? I tried different combinations including just “Haulers” but I just can’t seem to be able to join this channel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


SICO is banned from the HC because the alliance has no recruitment standards. It was used in the past to get ganker alts and scanner alts from CODE into the channel and thus SICO as a whole was banned.

And as bonus tip: Mission Ready Mining, another one of those huge high-sec groups without standards is also banned for being the alt pool for a massive number of citadel access denial scams in the past. So, you don’t want to join those either.

You are welcome.


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Whoever has access, please tell those mofos to fit a tank.


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