How do I get my previous status back after being killed?

Apologies if this is the wrong place fore this.

My PC had got to Pi or Omicron status - a few weeks ago, she got ganked and ended up with a status of Alpha. So my question is how do I get back to the status I was before. All I can see is upgrading Omega status which needs paying physical cash for, and not only that, forking it out on a regular basis.

reading between the lines your machine went kaput and you got it fixed?

there are 2 states in eve, Alpha = Free to play (with limitations) or Omega = full account which you pay for, you seem surprised to have to pay for Omega so i assume that you were Alpha previously before the machine died in which case you’re already are back at the status you were.

No, my machine is fine, it was my PC that died (no pun intended).

The reason I was querying the cost is that I had already been playing for a couple of years on a recurring payment thingy - I incorrectly assumed upgrading to Omega was an additional thing to that and was an additional cost - hence the raised eyebrow :slight_smile:

But I have had a look and now understand it is essentially the same thing as my previous recurring payment (assume it can be setup as recurring?) - also, to my eternal shame, I saw because I hadn’t played in a long while, my recurring payment had actually lapsed anyways :rofl:

Now I understand! Anyhoo, thanks very much for the help :+1:

Yes, when you pay for a subscription, CCP like to put your account on a recurring payment (if you want to turn that off (as i do) you have to go into your account management.

I guess you did turn off recurring payment as by default (unless the payment method is no longer valid) as by being recurring it wouldnt have lapsed

This almost sounds like the old school clone system where you had to upgrade clones to avoid skill loss when you get podded. With that you would have a bunch of clone levels (e.g. Pi, Omicron), and would end up back at Alpha once you got podded. That system is long gone though, so I’m not really sure what the OP is referring to.

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