How do i know ccp is in trouble?

The last fan fest did not have any or very few sponsors, which means that the ccp has already been written off as a serious platform in the game industry.


CCP is in bigger trouble inside, if need to cesorship post by his paied trolls in forum. Go and do that at redit if you can!!!

Whom you cheat, you’re falling apart and pretending that you are “successful niche company”

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Posting in a “EVE is dying because it isn’t a World of Warcraft clone” thread.


“did not have any sponsors”…

Some of the sponsors:


-Icland Air

-Reykjavik Excursions

-Sixt Car Rental

-Center Hotels

-Razer and NVIDIA sponsored 2017 and I think they did again this year (not sure)

nope …

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Truth hurts ?

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