How do I unlock a topic

Hi all,

in fact, this is a question for the formum mods or the team who are offering support on how to use the forum, if this is not the right section, then please feel free to move to the right section, I didn’t know where else to post the question, I couldn’t find the right section on my own

so, how do I unlock a topic that was locked 3 months later due to no bumping or replies??

I could make a new one, but I’d prefer to unlock the initial topic, not to just do copy/paste and clutter the forum with the same topic twice, as even small as it is, will add up to the server’s workload something extra, if we all would do that…

thank you

flag any of your own posts there for moderation (“something else” option) and politely ask to re-open the topic in the reasoning field.

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aha… great idea, I’ll do just that ASAP…

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