Requesting topic lock

I’ve have gone trough all policies, because I have been noted about this subject, maybe I missed it.

Where in the policies is being described the ability to request to lock a topic you created? :trackball:

Via the Help Center I assume. Send a petition with the type Technical Support and category Website and E-Mail.

Funny, though: there used to be an option Community with a category Forums. Guess that got binned as well with the layoffs.

What do you mean exactly with petition? like a support ticked?
The FAQ also stated that if I have any questions related I should ask it in this forum section lol :soccer:

Right, you are new here. What you now know as Support Ticket used to be called Petition until CCP mainstreamed and outsourced this activity.

This forum is meant for feedback on forum functionality and features, not meant for requesting topic locks. If you want to request a lock for a topic, you have to use the support ticket system. In the old forum you could flag your own post and give a text reason why you flagged it, where you could request a lock to the topic. Now that CCP outsourced and mainstreamed the forum as well and in the process made the flagging feature utterly inflexible, this is not possible any more.

I’m not requesting a topic lock, I’m looking for the policies regarding the request for topic lock, I’m looking where this policy is described :european_castle:

Right, I misinterpreted you. Coincidentally, the answer remains the same. I could not find any indicators in the forum faq, the TOS or the EULA on when a topic gets locked either. You will very likely have to request this information, if CCP reveals it in the first place, via a support ticket with, coincidentally, the same category and type setup. :smiley:

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