How do I update my avatar?

Greetings citizens,
In the past weeks I have been serving as a public defender/sector attorney for the New Order of Highsec. As with any other stuffy office job it is important to maintain and present a professional image. I’m afraid I had to modify my toon’s appearance in Eve by buzzing off the mohawk and loosing the shades. Can’t be scaring clients away and any judge would throw his gavel at your forehead if you waltzed into their courtroom with a mohawk. My question is does the forum avatar ever update here?

tl,dr; I modified my character portrait in game, Is there a way to update the forum avatar to reflect that?

Yes, just log out of the forums and then relog back in.

Probably a good idea to wait a bit before relog.


Ahhh. It worked! Thank You sir.

You’re welcome.

Guess there’s no need to wait a bit before relog into the forums for the avatar portrait to update.

I made the change many days ago. Just never actually signed out on the forums cause it’s set to always keep me signed in.

Yeah, whenever you make a new portrait in-game you have to wait a bit for it to update. That’s why I said might have to wait a bit on relog into the forums for the avatar to update.

I can confirm that Janncor Lennox is a certified space lawyer.

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