How do i use this fit

please help me. I have lost so many ships because I do not know how to use that fit. and i don’t know if I have the right skills for it as well.

You can go to the info panel for every ship, go to the Requirements tab and you will know if you’re skilled for it.
Additionally, you can also look at the Mastery tab while you’re at it. It will tell you which skills are needed to improve your use of the ship and it’s systems.

now that I look at it. it can be used as a snipe fit

Long range weapons and a MWD this looks to me to be a kiting fit.

You don’t have the capacity to switch on one of the guns so I suggest you downsize or train weapon upgrades.

There is an element of Rock Paper Scissors in pvp and this fit is going to be fairly niche. I would see it keeping things at range, keeping your transversal low and only engaging squishy targets that are hunting you. If someone tries to burn straight at you then your guns will have perfect tracking on them and you might be able to pop them. If they get close you are made of paper and won’t be able to track them.

Yeah I need help using fit if you check my zkill

I’m not going to look at your zkill and analyse it I’m afraid. I have plenty of my own losses to analyse.

However you absolutely should reflect on your losses. Look at what kinds of ships are killing you, what can you learn from those losses. If you are unsure then come back here with some more specific questions and see if people will answer them in your thread.

one of the more recent ones was sniped form over 125 km. how do i stop that

Keep your transversal up so you are hard to hit. Approaching things directly = easier to hit = take more damage.

Zkill says you’re completely new to PvP. Says basically anything you load up is going to die. Which is fine, everybody starts out PvP as the underdog, not knowing much.

It seems like you’re going for destroyers - maybe thinking “more firepower = more wins”. Which is incorrect. For now, it means you’re a slower, bigger target that costs more to lose.

Read some PvP guides or watch some videos. Check out the Novice Frigates PVP Yearbook 2021 for fitting tips and combat styles of basic frigates.

Use low-cost frigates to do some things first, until you’re at the point where you’re not getting insta-blapped by everything that comes along. Then think about where you want to go from there.

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This fit is known as a sniper corm. And is usually used in fleets and not so much for solo pvp. Is that what you mean?

wellp i found that out when i got destoryed

Caldari Destroyer bonuses (per skill level):
10% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret tracking speed
10% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret optimal range
Role Bonus:
50% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret optimal range

soooooooo IMO you should make a blaster version with GREAT DPS and use the bonus to hit hard with a bit more range than brawling range
its very similar to the coercer , the tracking bonus helps a lot vs fast targets

somethng like that , sit at 0 from the beacon on low sec complexes
the rigs are structure ones with the damage control they give you some tank
i only fly amarr ships so I’m not a specialist but I’m pretty sure you can get some kills with that
change the MWD for a AFB if you find better

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