Zkill winners build?

Why is it that zkill doesn’t have the killer’s build? Seems like a huge and prejudicial advantage.

Do you see killer fit on kill mail in game? No. Zkill is just ESI data agregator



But usually when I want to get the fit of the killer I go to the page of that character and look at their losses to see if they’ve lost a ship like that before. Often they do, so now you (likely) have the fit they used to do the killng.


That’s a good approach, but still involves a guesswork answer at best, and a fruitless search at worst. Someone who’s experienced at PvP and flying a rather exotic ship, or many of them, is always going to have the advantage, not only in the fight itself, but in knowing which more common ships are weak to which attacks.
For Newbros, it would be nice to know the general theater of what’s being used successfully: is this a ship I could use, with a really intelligent build, or is it just a Tech 3 that I just can’t beat with anything within my reach? I think that CCP likes to hide the fact that the latter is far more common than they’d like to admit.
If anyone wants to say that PvP is a valid part of the Newbro experience, they have to address this question, and with at least a sprinkling of hard data, at least in the aggregate, if not ship by ship. If I’m offered generous PvE bonuses in a system, is CCP just setting me up to be a target at the county fair, for the amusement of Bittervets, or is there a real fight here, simply waiting for me to accumulate hard experience?
The lie being offered here is that Vets are just that much better at PvP, but I suspect the reality is that many Bittervets are cowards, and would much rather settle for an easy fight, than get their asses handed to them on a level battlefield elsewhere.
Being treated as some kind of stooge, gullible enough to aim at what ought to be legitimately Alpha environments, means that going Omega is just being a bigger sucker, and going for CCP’s “bonus room”.

Whatever you think of HyperNet, this is still “squirrels on meth” class stupidity:

In addition, ProGodLegend suggests removing the 5% HyperNet Relay ISK fee that is deducted from the offeror’s take at the end of completed raffles. “The issue is that there’s a 10% rake for every raffle that makes the prices for everything just a bit too high. The [post-raffle] 5% is a meaningless ISK sink that doesn’t even go to CCP. It just disappears. It isn’t doing anything other than killing interest in the system.”
No whiny “buuut teh game is tooooo haaaarrrrd” in this one, is there?
Just CCP panic-thrashing, because they can’t even manage to dog-paddle swim, just drowning in
MOMMY SAYS SUBSCRIBE NOOOOOWWWWWW vibes. Panicky little bitches that need some hard lessons in who actually has the right stuff… I do, and they don’t.

Can you pick one thing to rant about, rather than two new topics every post?

It’s hard to follow.


But fun to watch.


Actually like that one. Entertainment value is what I’m after as well. Getting beat isn’t the problem, it’s the part about not learning how to turn the tables, or if I even can. Simple enough.

How would you determine, based on a ship fit, whether you could beat it?

I would as a first guess, look at both DPS/EHP ratios. How long does one ship take to apply its DPS to the others’ EHP and vice versa. If one of the two numbers is under 5 seconds, that’s close to a full wipe right there. If my DPS to EHP ratio gives me five times as long as my opponent, accounting for range control, kiting, brawling, etc. then these numbers alone can make the case if they’re extreme enough.
The most basic way of testing the two fits and two pilots is, “If I and the other Pilot traded ships, could my Newbro ass still mop the floor with him, even with his best try with my ship?”
If the other Pilot’s best move in my ship is to warp to station and dock immediately, that’s bad enough, but suppose I can wipe him before he even warps off?
I’ve already been accused of “going off topic”, so I’ll just skip the list of all the other things going on in a PvP attack of someone doing something else entirely.

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“My Pillow Guy” chat-room lawyering.


You usually don’t see someone actively under the influence of meth on the forums, so take notes while it lasts. I give this thread another 3 hours or so before it gets locked and this dude disappears back into the wild.


Actually, perhaps too much caffeine, but thanks for that. At least I told you what I’m on: Mid-grade Snake Complete Set Roast!

See my first post.


Your problem isn’t that you don’t know how your adversary is fitted. It’s more that you lack basic understanding it seems, looking at your losses.

That isn’t solved by capslock ADHD typing, that is solved through effort and time spent toying with fits in Pyfa, watching yt guides and practising.


Access to your opponent’s fit is not a god given right. :psyccp: You have to work for it. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:



Why not just blow him up, and show everyone what he flew when zkill syncs the data?

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Good thinking, that also works and much more fun. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :boom: :sparkler:

Zkill does exactly what it’s best for - showing us on the shield vexor where you put the armor rigs.

The fact of the matter is that people who’ve gained long-term game understanding and PvP experience will have a good sense of what types of fits you see on hulls and what their capabilities will be. Adding explicit information on this ruins the game - too much information that creates risk adversity - adding more would make the situation worse. Better to leave people guessing.

The desire to learn more is commendable, but changes like this to zkill aren’t the way to go about it.

Also any concept of “fair fights” is a meme in Eve - step 1 of Eve PVP is abandoning that concept from the get-go. Unfair fights are precisely why so many people find it engaging.

Edit: saying you have better aptitude for the game than a veteran coalition level FC is showing such a stunning lack of self awareness rarely seen, even online.