How do incursion fleets work

how do they work some one said that they made enough isk to get omega in 2 weeks

there is special websites that you enter on a queue
them they call you
and you the incursion sites (money part)

there is a voice chat and most of the time you will be shooting the ship the FC calls

incursions take place in moving systems so you have to be a nomad always moving with the incursion team

you have to be proficient in the selected BATTLESHIP doctrine of your group

yes the money is nice

try to find a good group because i had a good and a bad experience

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If you run in to any trouble, just warp out and save yourself.

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I have found that joining as logi and then realizing you forgot to feed your cat and warping out mid fleet has resulted in the best results.


warping in before the fleet is viewed as a proactive behaviour loved by everyone

I did incursion a long time ago but very good, good isk and fun

You do need a good team and follow orders, in my time if you failed the whole fleet went down very fast, often you would warp in and there would be a dead player fleet.

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It’s basically mining.

And something gankers have always failed to gank successfully

That’s not even true.

Why are you always so ignorant about these things?


False, we have the safety system specifically because gankers were TOO successful at ganking incursions.

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