How do line members even do the whole politics thing anyway?

Hello capsuleers,

I’m posing the question in this title today because something has been nagging in my mind for a while lately regarding the metagame of Eve Online, and the “little guy’s” place in it. I’ve been playing on and off for a few years now, and have been around the block in terms of different environments of New Eden. But there was one thing I wanted to do ever since I joined the game, and that was the socio-political aspect of sov space. Now, becoming a diplo or alliance leader seems to be the only realistic way to do this, since the culture of eve is very clear in regards to who is the “mouth” and who are the “hands”.

The positions that would acquire a bit of sway within null alliances (Director, Diplo, Journalist, Historian, Public Relations Officer, Alliance recruiter, etc.) require a great amount of time to let those above you hold you in the opinion that you are competent enough for some leadership privileges, which is all well, good, and necessary. However, those who are not in such a position, or there are none available, what are they to do in members of the political scene? The vast majority of large alliances are corporate dictatorships rather than democracies, and I have seen three different alliances fall during my time in Eve, all while a voiceless line members were coming up with better solutions than those with “the keys to the keepstar”.

So with that in mind, what do you think of the following question, what are the line members even capable of in the political metagame?


Keeping their ear to the ground, being aware of how competent/incompetent their leadership is, being aware of how close their leaders are to burning out. And, accordingly, staying or getting the hell gone.

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