How do we increase the font size on the Eve App?

New Eve App looks great loads fantastic and is updated on my iphone 8

How do we increase the font size please?

Does this app come with instructions and does it have those 3d holographic images?

I would like to feel young again to be able to read the fine tiny text but I am having a little trouble even with reading glasses at my age.

/edit; I looked all over the app today. Feel very positive and thinking of using this more. I did look all over for any sort of settings, like if I was to use the standard web browser. I would be able to view a larger front on this very forum like expand a small part to enlarge and scroll.

Keep up the great work.

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Scream at Siri until she does what you want?

We are not talking at the moment, we had a slight falling out over a misunderstanding some time ago.

Besides, Alexa is my new bff cause Siri makes too many mistakes.

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