How does EVE lore explain miners?

I mean, you go through all this elite highly selective super expensive training, people expect you are gonna become some kind of combat pilot, and then you wind up flying some kind of barge like an SCV in starcraft doing the exact same work that bots do. It’s like going to the Air Force Academy and qualifying for NASA, or so you told your parents, but ultimately you wind up digging ditches in a Louisiana swamp for seven cents an hour… and because you are violating minimum wage laws and fail to get a permit, you are technically a criminal. Parents must be proud of their little capsuleer?


how does eve lore explain you trying so hard
it’s just an idle remark btw, pls don’t respond

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Oh, I’m a Khanid princess, that’s how we roll.


:thinking: CODE really reduces people’s competence. And this kind of individual candidate for the CSM when it cannot even use the galnet search feature properly. God, capsuleers have really fallen fast and hard from their once so esteemed potential.


Not all of the organisations that run capsuleer training programmes are military.

Some, like CAS, for example are academic in nature, and so the process from baseliner to miner is probably similar to those in RL who worked at NASA and went on to found Planetary Resources with the intention of mining asteroids :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll say, that’s what I’m talking about. Imagine going through all that capsuleer training, and then you just waste it all on a mining barge. What a disappointment they must be to their instructors. Half the time they are asleep in their pods and don’t even notice when they are getting shot at.


Being able to procure the materials for war is not a waste. A waste is allowing individuals like you to be able to become a capsuleer, let alone board a ship. As especially my second link demonstrates, mining is part of the cluster’s culture and it created some of the finest and most powerful people in the wider community.

Even our beloved current Empress, Empress Catiz I, started out her conquest of the cluster as a mining venture. People who speak ill of miners have no idea what they are talking about.


Lore eh?

I think, rarely, the capsuleer-making-machine jams, much like a photocopier does, and produces a mentally defective capsuleer. But once you’ve made one, even one with special needs, the paperwork to correct that mistake is very tedious, so most capsuleer creation managers just release them into the wild. There, they become mindless miners or ratters, squandering their immortality to hoard materials without purpose, perhaps compensating for the loss of their humanity.

I was kinda hoping the Triglavians would purge this unimaginative caste of capsuleers from New Eden but CCP seems to have other designs and is instead catering to them in recent years. Perhaps the long overdue next Eve chronicle will explain why there are so many of them, and why they seem to be growing.

That all seems pretty on topic for the OP to me.


You are on the Lore Discussion forum. This is a place for players to talk about lore. If you want to roleplay, as your characters, the place is here:

In lore terms, I would imagine being able to have an individual with no/minimal crew bring 1000s of m3 of material back from deep space is immensly useful in material terms. Especially considering that the materials gathered aren’t abundant or avaiable enough physically or politically to be viable for mining

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@Galaxy_Pig :smile:

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It’s weird, a roleplaying game where you aren’t allowed to roleplay? I’m not even roleplaying, but I’m being accused of roleplaying? You seem awful upset about this.

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Which people? And why do they expect this?

As to the actual question, wasn’t the Eve gate explored initially due to over-population / shrinking resources? And once the gate collapsed, it took some generations, but ultimately the whole cycle simply repeated itself. Albeit at a more cosmic scale rather than a mundane global one. In that context, where else are you going to get resources from to build and fuel your capsuleer fleet, unless you farm NPC miners? Or capsuleer miners? That’s the lore; end of.

I mean, I just assume when they put guns on your ship, they kinda implied there was a reason for the guns. I mean, even the civilian noob frigate has a gun - its a frigate for crying out loud. Clearly, its a combat vessel. Your first tutorial missions are combat missions. It’s hard to see the capsuleer program as a non-military programme. Mining seems to be at most the “flunked out of combat school” alternative for failed capsuleers.

Well, I guess you can’t hit a moving target or stay alive when something shoots at you… here, see if you can hit this stationary rock…

There seems to be an over abundance of resources to be quite honest, not much scarcity in New Eden. I can’t imagine lore would depict mining as a lucrative career.

Gameplay problem, not lore - as seen through failure of “resource wars”.

It doesn’t have to; just a necessary one.

Only one capsuleer school per empire is actually for combat. The other two are for trading and industry.

Also, the money mining earns would still make a capsuleer far wealthier than most non-capsuleers.


Well, if it’s a gameplay problem - then CCP needs to step up and fix the problem. Lore and gameplay should complement one another.

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The point of roleplay in the end is to separate between player and character, so that players can be friendly and helpful towards each other even when characters are ganking each others’ ships and burning down each others’ structures.

Chill, mate. It’s just a game. :smiley:


I’m not the one throwing a temper tantrum every single day crying about evil gankers ruining the game and driving away new players - am I?

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