How does suspect/criminal mechanics work with command bursts?

Does giving command burst to one of your fleet member that is suspect/criminal/has limited engagement with others grant you suspect/criminal flag? Or your fleet member just doesn’t receive the burst?

That I can find, command bursts do not interact with crimewatch at all (ie it will not bestow a criminal or suspect flag under any circumstance):

Any fleet mates should get the boost, regardless of status, as long as they’re in the fleet and within the area of effect, however, to be sure you might try testing the current state of affairs on Singularity to be absolutely certain before doing anything that might cost you.

Firing a command burst will always give you a weapons timer, though, preventing you from tethering or docking up for a while.

Hi Rosov Aulmais,

you can read all about the Suspect Timer and the Criminal Timer aswell as find information on the Command Burst (Boost) on the EVE Help Center website.

The short version is as Qia Kare said, Boost only gives you a limited Weapon Timer and will not transfer Suspect/Criminal timer. To my knowledge the only modules that transfers such timers are; Remote Cap Transfer, Remote Shield/Armor/Hull transfer aswell as the other Remote assistance modules (Remote sensor booster, Remote tracking computer…)


So, using command modules to boost a criminals shield capacity, shield resistances, and armor won’t give you a suspect timer, but giving them a little cap will…

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