How does this happen in Marketing?

Marketing is tricky so lets take this make believe realism into the real world…it will be fun. A player want to sell game time from CCP at 14.99 a month for 3 months, and there is a buyer for it at 14.99 that wants 3 months of time. When seller clicks on the transaction, the market changes the amount typed in, an post it up as a sell order for 15.00 for 3 items for a duration of 3 months, doesn’t really do the transaction correctly, and charge you a tax and broker fee…so then some else comes along and buys it from you later at 45.00 when the price should have been 14.99 a month, okay so you made 3 cents Plus your 3 months of game time. Having a no sell could happen as well, then what? Did the market just scammed you out of a broker fee and tax is how most people would look at it, because the market changed the price without consent, it prevented you from selling something to a buyer that existed. How does this kind of thing happen?

This conundrum was brought to you by grandmas pie getting cut into 1/3’s and the symbol ∞

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