How good is PVE now?

was wondering how good PVE is right now considering invasions and trig invasions … are there corps that can enjoy full PVE mode?

Also whats best place to have fun now null, WH , low , FW or counter invasion PVE? you thoughts, cause trying to figure out where is more fun to be head before joining a corp

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W-hole space is probably the best. It use to be considered as advanced game content. However the current Drifter / Trig invasion is definitely ‘End Game’ content, in more ways than one.


Fun is highly subjective.

Just depends on what you want to do.

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This is equivalent to saying " how toxic is the Aids virus these days. "

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Lets just say that PVE in nullsec is about to change dramatically. AFK ratting and surely slow down with local blacked out. Mining without support fleets will be nuts. Basically, PVE will simply be fodder for PVP pilots too lazy to actually fight other combat pilots. (as it is now, just made easier)

I wonder if people will talk to each other again in null like they used to.



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ye i am just checking what would be more fun current PVE mode or pvp, jsut trying to minimize down time and see where i can get most fun from the game blowing stuff up is kind of fun XD on regular basis less warping more shooting

The new abyssal deadspace content was designed for “minimizing down time” - grab a filament, open a conduit into the Abyss from anywhere, shoot your way through and it’s guaranteed to last no more than 20 minutes (or you lose your ship!)

On-demand action, no NPC agents, optional cruiser 1v1 when using Tier 3 filaments or higher.


More like, Just depends on who you want to do.

ok thank you will look more into abyssal fleet

Incursions pay significantly better, though the buy is in more.

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