How I make 5-50 bil/week with minimal effort

This isn’t anything new, and lots of people are doing it. I have been making 5-50 bil/week off hypernet. Here’s how:


  • Skill Procurement lvl 1 (easy to learn)
  • T1 Freighter (ideally)
  • Profit dependent upon capital
  • JF skills if you buy JFs (they might be in citadel, have to be moved to NPC station)

Buy Items with big spread

I’ve been making BUY orders on 20-100 different items. The items I buy tend to raffle well on the hypernet. I make buy orders from the keepstar in perimeter, because the tax at jita station is horrible. You’ll need the skill to be able to make buy orders from 1 jump away or your orders will never be filled. You also might need a freighter to move the items to an NPC station. I don’t move items from Perimeter to Jita though; if someone sells a marauder at tranquility tower, I just move it to NPC station in Perimeter and hypernet it there.

What Exactly to Buy

I buy citadels, jump freighters, T2 battleships, faction items, carriers, anything I can get for way below market value. Buy orders can often be filled in 5 mins to 1 day. For example, I can buy an Ark for 8.5b, while it’s listed at 9.5b on market sell. The key here is SPREAD. More spread = more tickets you can buy. The other thing to watch for is CCP’s estimated item value. Even if you buy an Ark for 8.5b, if CCP shows the moving-average of 7.5b, you won’t make money. So… * don’t * hypernet items that are increasing in value, instead hypernet items that are falling in value or at least flat.

Example Listing

I then list the Ark on hypernet for 12.5b. The hypercores usually cost 5% of the value. If the hypernet finishes, it costs 5% of the amount. That means 10% of the listing goes to CCP. That’s 1.25b in expense roughly. That’s 2.75b in net profit.

The issue with hypernet listings is when they expire, and at 600 mil to list one, it devastates profitability. So how do you ensure they don’t expire? Buy 2.75b of tickets into your own hypernet. People on hypernet are bored and they want to get results from gambling ASAP, so this means that people will buy into hypernets that are closer to being finished. You’ll notice that the more a hypernet completes, the faster people buy into it.

The Profit Margins
With 2.75b of tickets in a 12.5b listing, you have a 22% chance to win the item. If you lose, you made no profit but also lost nothing. If you win, you win 8.5 billion (a free Ark).

Profit Breakdown:

Gross Proceeds: 12.5b deposited to your wallet when hypernet completes
You still own the Ark. Hypernet it again, and if you lose, you’ll walk away with a total of 21b from a 12.5b investment.

Loss Breakdown:
Gross Proceeds: 12.5b deposited to your wallet when hypernet completes


Ark - 8.5b

Hypernet Fees: 1.25b (5% hypercores and 5% tax when it finishes)
Tickets: 2.75b
*The Ark is no longer in your possession
Total Gain/Loss: 0

Creating the Listing
Generally, no one buys “white” hypernet listings. They buy green ones. When you put an item into hypernet it provides a suggested hypernet price. If you just use that amount, your listing will be “white” and probably expire. You want the listing to be “green” by simply lowering the price a bit. It can be a 100 isk, but I suggest a reasonable amount. If the moving-average value of the item drops, your listing can go from green to white— and no one will buy it. The suggested price on the Ark might be 12.57b, so I’ll put 12.5b if I’m feeling lucky. Sometimes I’ll drop it 100-200 mil to ensure it stays green for 3 days.

Final Comments

Watch competitor listings. If someone is cheaper, sometimes your listing will expire (but not always).

I often have winners of my hypernet listings sell the item right back to me via my market buy order.

I have had several people buy enough tickets to buy the item from market, and still lost the listing. One guy won the listing and when I asked him about it, he said “I just wanted to win”.

This probably won’t last forever.

I’ve won 100b of my listings in a row, and then lost 100b in a row. Usually it’s 50/50 though. I’ve won the same fortizar 3 times in a row. You start feeling guilty after awhile. lol

If you are a hypernet gambler, you’re statistically losing ISK. Don’t do it. You’ll go broke. Yes, I’m taking the ISK right out of your wallet. Thanks! I feel bad, but if it wasn’t me, it’s someone else. You have an addiction problem. Thankfully you’ve helped me build my own small supercapital fleet.


Players that gamble on HyperNet offerings are idiots. The house always wins. Always…


Some of them are just bored, probably on verge of quitting Eve. If you’ve amassed 500b or 3 trillion ISK, you might just spend some on hypernet for fun. Sure, there’s idiots too who are trying to “make” money by getting lucky on hypernet. That always ends up with them being broke.

In real life, people buy 1 lotto ticket for $2. That’s no big deal. But when you start spending thousands, that’s nuts.


uhm… 99% of hypernet is a scam.
its a math game, you need only buy 51%* of your own tickets, on an alt = profit in the long long run.
this is what separates hypernet from ordinary gambling.

perhaps more then 51 % to make up the statistical investment of putting stuff up on hypernet.

… and what happens when everyone’s in on this “get rich quick” trick?

What do you want, a pat on the back? Perhaps a bravo? Nobody ■■■■■■■ cares how you make your isk or how much it is.

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you took the 15.7sec to make a tear post so I guess you do care even if its bitter care but you care. :unicorn:

Yes I’d like a pat on the back. That’s why I wrote the post. I’m patiently waiting.

A post without proof, it sounds like lies and hard to believe.

Sounds like you’re making hypernet listings? lol

I could believe that it works for you once or two at most but sustaining that amount of earnings for several months, I do not believe it is financially true, since the market is very volatile and more about speaking of the hypernet mechanic, where it would basically reduce your earnings to 0 and you would lose all your investment, so I think it is not good advice.


But the beginning sounds like you already have a lot of isk tbh…

I have no insight into the maths behind hypernet. So can someone explain, why is the hypernet offer of 12.5b “green” if market average is 9b?

Good for you.

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I am not as slow as you.

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You: honest solo-miner doing your job non-afk, get blown up by FOB NPC gankers without any chance to escape; tank up, get ewar drones, get paranoid, income plummets, staying poor.

Also you: trying “new content”, get blown up by insta-lock all-possible-tackle increasing-dps triglavians packs; tank up to a point when you’re afraid to undock coz ship cost month worth of grind while anything less gets blown up so fast you cannot control incoming damage.

Some random guy: I just made several years sub cost in 1 market transaction.

CCP: ¯_( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)_/¯

Also CCP: We will run a campain to find out why the poor become even poorer and the rich become even richer.

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