How ingame banks could be a thing

a new ccp service which allows you to accumulate plex when buying plex directly from ccp, you can use the accumulated plex as collateral ingame. the ability to create ingame contracts which allows ingame banks to get some of your plex if you dont pay back, in the contract you would also write how much % isk for not paying back on time

You say that collateral must be paid so the bank doesn’t get ripped off. This presents some issues:

  1. If the collateral being paid is worth less than the amount of money received then players will rip off the system though alt characters and scams.
    And since financial research is a manual process that must be done by a GM… there would effectively be no penalties for not paying back the bank (which is how actual banks work… threat of penalties that can be enforced).

  2. If the collateral being paid equals the amount of ISK being given, then the system you present does not make practical sense.
    It is better to simply sell the item for its full in-game market price and use that to fund your activities.
    After all… there is no such thing as a “unique” item in EVE (outside of certain exceptions).

plex as an asset can tempt you to buy other ccp products since its so accessible to you all the time, making purchase of products very easy psychologically. alternatively ccp can make the accumulation of plex more attractive by saying that future discounts/promotions will effect your already purchased plex, you would in essence get something back from your investment, you can wait for an ideal discount/promotion that you like

CCP already has a bank ingame. It’s called “Wallet” on your neocom.

So… interest?

yeah interest would be part of the contract too i imagine

also your plex asset would fluctuate in value based on the market price of plex ingame. banks would probably have different requirements for how many % of your entire plex asset you can put up as collateral to account for market fluctuations of the value of plex (just in case plex value drops drastically during the contract period, i imagine it wouldnt be good for the banks if you dont pay back the isk you owe them and the plex you owe them according to the contract is worth less now that the market prices have gone down)

Banks aren’t obligated to give interest. The purpose behind a bank is to put your money somewhere it cannot be taken easily. They usually pay interest for the sake of enticing you, because they then leverage your money to make money (by lending it out for things like mortgages).

Your isk is safe in your wallet, which makes the point of being a bank. As for interest, why would CCP ever add a zero-effort isk fountain?

There’s literally zero reason for it. Sell assets if you want liquidity.

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half the reason for having this service is to sell ccp products. i think you will need something more secure to store your plex assets especially if you are one of those people that will want to stock up on those to fund your ventures, wars and building corporations from scratch. i think the legit banks of eve would probably want to entice you by offering interest, but in a game like eve there is a good chance some banks would act sort of like gangsters who lend people money and later want their money back plus interest, those darn amarr gangster pirate banker cyborgs

Again… “storing your assets safely” is already accomplished. If you want to convert your non-liquid assets into liquid wealth, liquidate your non-liquid assets.

Putting your assets into escrow and taking the money out against them as a loan serves no viable purpose that cannot (and should not) be met by the above option. Nobody ever complained that the market trade volume was too fluid. People liquidating their assets in any portion would only improve market health.

There are no “legit banks” in eve. There is no reason for them to want your money if they did exist, because they obviously will not profit from it, because they are NPCs at best.

If you had to pay interest, you’d just liquidate your assets and improve your isk efficiency.

every time you buy plex it will display the “entrance point” so you know how much plex has gone up or down in value relative to the day of purchase of your latest batch. also people are likely to allocate the bad batches for things to buy in the shop or perhaps exchanging it for a promotional item, but i could be wrong about that

Basically the suggestion is for a “state” run bank?

If so then it’d be completely out of place in an environment such as Eve.

In game banks already exist

Though it would give @Diana_Kim one more reason to hate on the Gallente. She’d never comprehend why “The State” would allow these filfthy homo-, trans-, and multisexuals** to put their disgusting pimpmoney onto a bank run by the glorious Caldari. :grin:

** (futanari are a thing in the gallente rp scene… yes… don’t google it, in case you don’t know. you have been warned.)

another thing to take into consideration is that big powerful corporations such as the ingame banks themselves would be able to offer new recruits and members of the corporation lower rates and better percentages for being a member because there is naturally a slightly higher degree of trust for corp members. and also banks would share with each other people they blacklist, there would need to be a way for a person to remove himself from the blacklist and prove his innocence if somebody puts him there out of spite to block him from getting loans for his war as an example

ingame banks would advertise that people should buy and store plex as an asset, for ccp its probably free advertisement forever. also by having banks in the game it would significantly effect wars and structure creation/destruction cycle in the game because there are gonna be many new ventures trying to get in on the action with use of their loans, if you want to build a long term plan one should probably include the economy into the equation otherwise future wars risk not being very realistic in the long run

Once again in game banks already exist

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