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I would like to open up a bank in EVE Online, but ever since I started to do this, by advertising in chat, placing cargo containers and mobile depots in space, I’m attacked by players saying “you’re a scammer”, “a bank is a scam”, “thief”, “you just want to steal the money”.

Recently I tried to make a contracts, that are an auctions with an item that partially covers a risk of a lender, and I say that I want to give the money back after some time, but even after that I get replies, like “go to Jita they will be happy”. Although it’s commonly known as an ‘asset backed security’.

What I propose? Maybe for the starters:

  1. Civil Law - rules of contracts, law of possession, law of work, law of science and studies
  2. Real law enforcement - I can’t be sure if I’m not “screwed” by other player ( this is most crucial if law is even created )
  3. EVE Central Bank as an entity that governs other banks, that would have to obey the rules of deposits for their assets and loans they make - like in the real world
  • If a bank has a deposit of 100 ISK, and would like to still be a bank, it have to make a deposit to EVE Central Bank
  • If a bank would like to create a loan for other Capsuleer, it has to make another deposit to EVE Central Bank
  • All of the above is only the simplest form of real world central banking system, and it’s a subject of law enforcement, thus the law has to be present in the first place. Can it be made in code?
  1. Create an sub-account for the clients of banks that they can use on the market and in other parts of game, this sub-account should have some added functionality that is inherent to bank’s way of handling clients like - obligation to deposit money from a loan to bank’s sub-account, that make bank bale to lend more money due to overall bigger deposit outstanding. The bank has to make bigger deposit to EVE Central Bank. Another type of sub-account could be a 3 month cash deposit without withdrawal with a premium paid after that time, for example 3%. That could be handled internally by EVE Central Bank, and the bank would only has to have that ISK.

When this will be in place, I think players, would not be likely to harass any of the “scammers” unless the bank goes bankrupt.

  • Then the EVE Central Bank should pay up the guaranteed deposit up to let’s say 10 ISK (not the percent of deposit, but maximum guaranteed "bailout for depositor). This are the rules taken from the currently working baking systems.

It might make the game even more spreadsheet’y, and give more opportunities for new players, because they do not have the needed knowledge and ISK to invest into game, that is already demanding and challenging to newcomers and that risk and ISK can be borrowed from the bank. This might be also used against banks that would like to give a loan to every new player making them over-leveraged, but isn’t this the point of the free market?

I dont see this adding much that we couldnt already do aside from a tax for doing it.

The one thing I do see is making loan collection an automated process in highsec space which I’m not so sure is very necessary. I mean hands up, who has taken out a formal loan in EVE? Isk isnt so hard to make that i think you really need it.

why would this an improvement to eve online ? whats your sales point ?
do i get interest and compund interest ?
how i get my money if i want it ?
how i get my money if you dont give it back ?
how do you get your money if you loan someone isk and they didnt pay it back ?
why is my money in your bank better, then in my wallet ?
what happens if you leave the game and dont come back ? ( illness, coma, death )

maybe the last point sounds a bit wierd but you never know what happen next minuite ! so, youre not available anymore and still has all my money → i´m now blank and frustrated and will leave the game because of you !?

all in all there is no need for a bank and there are no rules to safe the money i will give you !
and everyone who come up with this idea is :

  1. a scammer
  2. a scammer
  3. a scammer
  4. not a thief because people give their money voluntarily, but a scammer!

and you cant be mad because you got called scammer of thief or smth else … ppl dont trust other ppl if they want their money !
and no, its not comparable to the real world ! pls dont try to come up with this !

Some years back, a player run “bank” was setup.
It was a classic Ponzi scheme and the director wound up running off with all the ISK.
Google “EVE Galactic Bank” and Cally for details.

Players have been very gunshy of such things ever since.

There’s nothing in your proposal that isn’t already done within good corps. Loaning a corpmate some ISK is a reasonably regular occurrence.

Yeah, who really is players - I don’t see anyone new here… still 20 000 instances of EVE Online logged in.

The Prophet lauds you for trying a very old scam.


The number of players that use these forums has always been a small fraction of the number of actual players.

And yes, of those 20k instances of EVE a fair few are multiboxed.

The Prophet knows not what you speak of?

I spent many years following various faiths amongst the stars. I spent time in Amarr, learning their faith but I found it to be lacking.

Now, I follow the true faith of New Eden. It is a simple and humble calling.

I am it’s Prophet. I am called to remind people always that death is a friend that always finds you, and it is always your fault.

Besides that yes, the Prophet lauds you on attempting to run a very old scam in New Eden.

Sadly, better grifters have come before you.

Lat’s just put a curtains of silence upon you.

Of course you take the coward’s way out.

It’s understandable.

Its called Roleplay. While there are specific subforums for interacting in character, some prefer to do in character throughout the entire forum.

Like I should be enlighten by you… Veteran

It’s clear that you don’t like banks, and especially central banks. I hope you will vote better in your next revol… ekhm… elections.

Yeah who do you think you are @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras with your Veteran tag next to your name.

:innocent: :face_with_monocle: :blush:


People enjoy banks just fine.

Yours just happens to be a scam friend.

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Funny… It’s clear you didn’t take time to even read AND understand the title of this forum thread.

Central Bank according to your friend gpt3 - Hello to friends on Slack:

A central bank is a bank that acts as a monetary authority for a country or monetary union. Central banks typically have four main functions:

  • Setting monetary policy: Central banks set interest rates and other monetary policy tools to influence the economy. This can include setting inflation targets, managing the money supply, and providing liquidity to financial markets.
  • Supervising and regulating banks: Central banks supervise and regulate banks to ensure that they are operating safely and soundly. This includes ensuring that banks have adequate capital and liquidity, and that they are complying with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Issuing currency: Central banks typically issue the currency of their country or monetary union. This includes printing and distributing banknotes and coins, and managing the exchange rate of the currency.
  • Acting as a lender of last resort: Central banks act as a lender of last resort to banks that are unable to obtain funding from other sources. This helps to prevent bank failures and financial crises.

Central banks play an important role in the economy by helping to maintain price stability, financial stability, and economic growth.

Here are some examples of central banks around the world:

  • United States: Federal Reserve System
  • United Kingdom: Bank of England
  • European Union: European Central Bank
  • Japan: Bank of Japan
  • China: People’s Bank of China

What I’m trying to enjoy in game is a corporation that is governed by an entity like ones mentioned above.

According to my research, and personal experience, the only way to enjoy this game in proper way is to join an established corporation or alliance. I don’t like this idea. I want my piece of cake, and I think there might be some other fools, prophets and enlightened veterans who would like to retire knowing that their money are safe in some wallet division which is governed by, let’s call it a pension fund.

Watch on market, working sheets, apis, and code is my trade, but it’s a hard trade without a set of rules. Like you say, I’m a scammer in your eyes, in mine, I’m a Swiss banking house, that buys hedge against market collapse from happy youngsters overhearing a talk in a bank’s lobby.

Entering this game is an extreme risk. You get annihilited in minutes by it’s vastness, but then the emptiness of Empire space come, it has it’s rules, then you ask about 0.0 system and instantly you’ get tons of advertisements of great richness lying in some alliance space. What in most case is just a lie.

I would like to make an initial buy of fully fitted Astero in mid-range of common sense luxury of overfitting for exploration available in few minutes, to hours, not 500 PLEX/1000 PLEX - this game should not prefer skill extraction over micro transactions. That’s how CCP was buy-out in the first place, the other side of the wind, new way of thinking about your good old EVE Online.

Please research your local sources about monetary policy and other things central banks do, especially in your vicinity, then respond with real arguments.

Peace in war… War in peace.

The Prophet giggles.

You have no power or ability to do any of this in New Eden though.

Sir, you realize we all understand you’ll simply take the ISK and run right?

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We get that.

The question is why this is something that other players should buy into when there are alternatives that work a lot smoother, dont have the same oversight and arent taxed.

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so… you compare RL with a fictional game ? oO

nobody need a bank in eve ! N o B o D y !

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Yeah, let’s stay together in Stone Age. It’s so cool to trade using “real” ISK, keep spamming newcomers with corporation recruitment at the Newbie Systems and keep the status quo, where just few are in the money. I hope you will never get rights to vote on the only one right choice. You should reconsider what Space Sim game mean in the first place, before considering raising your voice to downvote with arguments straight from Orwells “Animal Farm” sheep’s mhmmm… mhmmmm…