EVE Central Bank

“A few are in the money”?

Sir, most of the capsuleer’s in existence have ISK will into the billions.

I get this is your way of trying to get all that, but please live in reality as well.

But their money is much safer in their own Wallet. That’s the whole point people are trying to make.

That’s called risk factor. You should never dock out of a space station in a ship you can’t afford. Remember that?

Scammer… :smiley:

Nothing wrong with risk.

However, we all know you’re merely going to rob other people.

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OK, so how does the central bank handle this scenario?

  1. Create a bank on an alt.
  2. Main deposits ISK in “Bank of ALT”
  3. Alt spends the money on items (so the central bank can’t just claw it back from their balance).
  4. Alt declares bankruptcy.
  5. Main gets their ISK back from central bank, and keeps the stuff they bought on their alt.

Seems like an NPC guarantor of deposits is just a way to print money.

At a minimum, these laws govern matters like safeguarding private property against theft, protecting people from violence, enforcing legal contracts, preventing fraud, and collecting taxes.

quote from economy textbook.

It’s fun for pirates from Tortuga, not for start-ups from Silicon Valley

For the starters let’s say you agree with your friend that you lend him a ship. He does not give it back. What’s next? Who do you ask for help? You have no right to shot him down, you lost your precious X-Wing and you can’t afford another one… Sad, but true.

It’s not only a central bank that it takes to safely run business, but it’s a part of market and economic system. And really that’s not a question to me, but the designer of wallet rules for banks under governance of central bank. I truly don’t care about your ALT. Didn’t you forget - I’m just an ordinary scammer.

Question to you:

  • How to rob a bank?
    • How to get away with it?

Did you ever thought about my security? After all it’s my responsibility to guard your money. I can’t do it safely right now with this contract and wallet technology running in game. Just login to your account get into corporations wallet “send ISK”/“withdraw ISK” and - hey, didn’t I tell you to not look on the girl int the red dress?


  • civic law
  • corporation law
  • law of contracts
  • law enforcement
  • wallet governance

P.S. I want my bitcoin - if you’re reading this you’re probably dead or wrong. Probably both. RIP. I promise I will spend it in game.

And you’re not getting any of that. In EVE the only law that matters is the law of the gun. He who has the biggest stick, makes the rules. I honestly don’t understand what the rest of the drivel you’re spouting has anything to do about EVE.

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So you admit you will swindle their money and then spend it.

Finally some honesty.

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I think you might want to open up a title company , for example whoever wants isk needs it to buy a certain item ,
if the developers create a tool that each item can be locked within an agreement unlocking with the amount of money paid in a certain period , and if not items automatically removed from your possession and transferred to your home station , also those items need to be insured in case of unfortunate accident or theft not transferable to another character or placed on container probably it should be restricted to a ships only that can easily be insured .
I doctor CCP would want to do this you have conflict of interest there you see you can buy Plex and sell for risk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but your idea is nice it enrichens the game content

Dunno why you’re showing me an empty trello board with what appears to have your real name on it.

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I’m making a central bank at JitaBank.com… sort of.

The problem with depository banks is there is no way to ensure it isn’t simply a ponzi scheme.

I always thought the environment of eve was beautiful spawning very creative entities, even financial institutions. But 10 times out of 10 they always ended up being a ponzi.

So i decided to try my hand at my own. Its in the early stages of development but aims to be rhe “paypal” of new eden.

It would serve your purposes greatly.

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Found his alternate clone.

But paypal is just a tool to send money to other people without having to provide your credit card details. There is no need for this in Eve.

Can you clearly state what benefit this will have to a player?
(and i mean why/how would it be better than just sending money from my wallet to the person i want it to go to, how would it be safer than sitting in my own wallet where nobody else has access to it)

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Well you must be very intelligent if you don’t take a real name and a “Trello” board with [stuck in Stone Age] name as a proper introduction for banking business. Thus go to your New Eden for ever.

Paypal also offers consumer protection. You can chargeback and contest if a product or service was never delivered. Acting almost as an escrow.

Imagine paying 100b isk to a merc corp to help defend a structure and they show up with 20 caracals when the expectation was a real fleet.

Eventually ill be able to provide escrow services for instances such as this and buyers wont have to put full trust in the vendor to provide the service or product they advertised.

Automated payments is also possible as you cannot automate isk transfers with ESI. With jitabank you will be able to set up recurring payments just as with paypal. Useful for rental systems, corporate taxes and more.

Paypal provides far more than just money transfers.

I dont want to hijack the thread too much.

I do not understand why you are sarcastically talking about someone’s intelligence when they warn you that you appear to be doxing yourself.

The Prophet approves of your scamming as well.