How long does it take for eveboard to update SP from API

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I’ve had a character I want to sell but for the past 2 weeks the API wont catch right and it still shows the original SP after I took some off.

the next timne they put a patch, normally.

I’m not sure if Chribba has written any new tools to watch the new forums yet, so just on spec I’ll mention his name 3 times anyway and see if it summons him:

Chribba, Chribba, Chribba

He’ll be able to give the best answer in regards to how eveboard caches data.


Maybe your API key has expired?? Login to to see if you have set an expiry date.

You’re doing it wrong for these new forums; @Chribba @Chribba @Chribba sends him a notification and possibly even email, so he can just click his icon in the upper right corner and come straight to this thread.

But you have to have the @ .

Tried that to no avail

@Chribba ?

I had that happen with me recently. What I did was delete the API key, unregister the characters on Eveboard, generate a new API key, login to Eveboard with the new key, and register the characters again. Takes about 5 minutes to do and it works. And it’s tracked SP updates within 12 hours for sure, I injected some skills on an alt last night and by this morning it had picked it up on eveboard.

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You have luck. or they got a patch who updates,

The api problem is they dont Update quickly what extracted, they update quickly INJECTED.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but Eve Board still uses the XML api?

The XML api was always slower and problematic, especially when used on a really large scale.

Well, they ask for eve api, then i assume is xml.

Maybe is time of someone more doing a dashboard for crest / ESI

Yep. XML APIs use the api key and verification code. Noth XML and CREST are being turned off next year. I imagine Eve Board will be updated to use ESI at some point. But that’s up to the site owner :slight_smile:

Umm, maybe i can do some useful. In what subforum i need speak my idea ? i can program all the equivalent to XML api, and later port to ESI.

My idea or goal is not replaee evemon or Eveboard, but offer an other point of view for manage multiple accounts with a public front page similar to Eve Board.

Myself get many features now already and have a hosting company myself

CCP are already actively developing the ESI, with external assistance.

There’s no need for them to have another equivalent developed.

is the equivalent to EVEBOARD, non the esi using the esi, no xml api.

Eveboard is not a CCP service.

It was programmed by Chribba and is a third party app that makes use of the existing XML API.

You don’t need to suggest something if you want to make an app.

Register an app at eve developers in order to make use of CREST and ESI (eventually just ESI) and do what you want.

The end points needed to make an equivalent to Eveboard already exist.

I said that, and ask what forum use here for begin a thread.


There’s literally a forum called Third Party Developers:


Thanks i begin a thread tomorrow.