How long does the Trivalglian stay in a system?

I’m neutral to Triv but just got podded in a gate camp in a 0.8 system, I have no idea how the mechanics work for this NPC faction.

These NPC’s are extremely annoying if they can blob with no counter.

How long will they stay in this system? Will it turn into 0.0 if they stay?

I don’t see any loss for you to Triglavians. The answer to your question depends in which system you got killed.

There are trig system like Nonni and many others. And there are also systems that might have trig spawns because there is a wh nearby that leads to one of the trig controlled systems.

Both do not always have trigs on gates, one will always have trigs (beause a trig system) the other will only have trig is there is a wh to their space.

And no… the ones that have turned to 0.0 is done. That event has ended.

It’s the WH kind, does that mean once the WH is gone the Trigs are gone? Does it take long for them to leave?

I found a really helpful guide to getting standings with them. Doesn’t take very long to achieve, not counting figuring it out it took me some 30 minutes in total.

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Thank you for this

You’re not neutral to them, as evidenced by them obliterating you and your ship.

Don’t assume that no standing is the same as a ‘true neutral’ standing where they don’t care about you at all. By default they kill you, unless you gain positive standing with them.

Currently they can appear in any System that has wormhole connections.

If a wormhole to Triglavian Space (a 27 System wide area under their control named Pochven) opens up in a System the Trigs will come through, gate camp, station camp and generally be very annoying. This can happen by surprise with no warning and no intel reports in advance. You can literally jump into a ‘perfectly safe’ High Sec System that didn’t have Trigs in it earlier and find 20 of them waiting for you on the other side of the gate.

They usually hang around until the wormhole closes again, or until destroyed by players.

This is now just an unfortunate hazard of High Sec life. Sometimes you can see them if they are on your exit gate, or see dozens of wrecks, or hear the screams of dead pilots in Local chat. Watch out for these things as you fly and you may just avoid them.

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You won’t for an NPC only kill on someone who isn’t registered on Zkillboard.

Thanks for the reply.

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