How much is consumed

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A graph of how much of an item was consumed in other processes such as inudstry or any other activity which consumes the product.

To relate it with sells on the market.

Example of something:

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I honestly don’t know what you’re asking/suggesting.

Stuff getting consumed in industry is completely unrelated to the market.

If you are referring to people buying and selling things to themselves, that’s not really something CCP can filter out.

If you’re referring to what materials are used in what industrial processes, that’s all available in the info already iirc.

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What are you even talking about?

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I asked first.

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I believe OP wants detailed information on how much of various minerals and possibly other items are consumed by manufacturing every day/week/month.

No, OP, you’re not going to get that it would be way too much intel. Alternatively you’d get it, and it would just be for the whole game as a block and therefore wouldn’t be useful for anything market related.

Overall I’m just not seeing the argument for CCP taking the time to do something like this.

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yes exactly, but made some error tho, I forgot about sales tax which is not paid to any player ingame.
Its not totally free that way, so it’s less of an let’s say an exploit in manipulating market data :slight_smile:

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You do get this information in the economic reports, you just have to break it out yourself. Take value mined in Delve, assume that 95% of it happens in industrial anoms at the largest size with a known make up, You now know how much of each mineral got mined in delve
You can then make some guesses about what got produced and how much got consumed since you also know how much got built in Delve.

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This doesn’t take into account surpluses and exports though, and if you look at the production numbers especially on capitals you’re looking at an error of 5-10% at least using that sort of method just assuming fairly small errors in the mining, production, surpluses, imports, ect.

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Imports & Exports also appear in the economic report, and sure, there will be a margin of error. But expecting CCP to provide an exact accounting of the production of every item is just silly. If anything they are likely to decrease the accuracy of the data since it’s already pretty detailed & accurate for intel purposes.

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Yeah but when you’re talking trillions of ISK error bars of 10% is a swing of like, a Keepstar or two or half a dozen Titans at least.

Basically I’m just saying I think you’re making a few too many assumptions here, and besides OP seems to be interesting in market related stuff and 90% of what gets mined in Delve never gets anywhere near the Jita market in any form.

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Sure, that’s the margin of error. But I’m saying we already have pretty good information between the economic report and the market report. We aren’t going to get CCP giving us perfect breakdowns on stuff because that’s just too good intel.

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What I actually meant was like when looking at items on the market to also see how much of that item is consumed in industry and other activities.

So for example Integrity Response Drones you can see a counter of how much is sold etc and how much is actually consumed in processes.

To know how much of it left the psychically world, like I can see 600 units of it are sold on the market, so I can say there are 600 units around(?), but if you know how much is consumed, you can see hey look 200 have been consumed so there are 400 left around now.

To have a better understanding of the market when thinking something might rise in price to buy low and sell high with risk reduced.

But I forgot about sells tax which is money vanishing away from the game when selling orders, so it’s still possible to manipulate the market but it’s not $0.00 which would able you to set any graph on the market you can imagine.

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Also Stumbled on a top secret vault of ccp while randomly browsing on the web, it contained a patch work for future UI, so I applied it to the picture and this is what I got.

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If you want a good understanding of things then do the math and research and intel gathering yourself.

If you think someone is manipulating the mineral market… no, they’re not. It’s too big and too unreliable and there’s very little to be gained there.

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It is not about minerals in particular but I used a mineral commodity image in the example illustration.

If I only had an intel break down on every influencing power in eve online :male_detective:

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That’s the thing you need to do the legwork to figure out yourself there mate :slight_smile:

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