Total Amount of Minerals Consumed

Although this will be a very tedious grind, I think it would be interesting to see the insane amount of minerals consumed in player ship building where those ships have become wrecks.

Then a market amount for each type of mineral used in the ship construction for the total number of ships lost.

It wouldn’t be that bad to calculate. zKill has the vast majority of the kills so you could use that data to count the number of each ship lost, and then convert that to minerals using their build requirements in the SDE. Or you could use the anonymous killmail data that is provided in the MER.

In fact, you probably could cut corners and use the zKill API ( to grab just the number of ships lost of each type and multiply it by the build requirements in a simple Google Sheet.

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Am i right in thinking that low and null can make ships with less materials?

Cause that may make it a bit tougher to figure out.

Yeah… I guess it would be an estimate given different efficiencies of where the ships were made and differing skills of the industrialists. But I imagine we are still only talking 10% at most variation from the true number with some reasonable assumptions.

I’d be more interested in the amount of goods and minerals that disappear when people go inactive which must dwarf that which is destroyed.

you can get rough estimates of this from the MER. I’m fairly sure you could come up with a rough ratio of how many of which minerals get used per ship on average. then using those averages compare that to a certain % of the destroyed value in the MER. i’d probably go with about 40% of the destroyed value being minerals to account for faction and t2 mods.
Its not going to be exact, but it should give you a pretty good ballpark for the amount of each mineral destroyed per month.

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