Monthly Economic Report - March 2020


The Economic Report for March 2020 is now available! You can download all the relevant data by following this link.


Goons and Delve win yet another month in Eve.

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Who lives in Delve? Must be some ÜbërKëarbëarishë alliance. :thinking:


Can you call it winning when they are still living off of what CCP gave them so many years ago?


Guess you were fine when Oasa outkrabbed delve :slight_smile:

The evaluation of the Mining Value is of course missleading, because the prices have tripled and quadrupled. Actually it would be interesting to know how many m³ were mined. So it looks of course like that everybody continues to miner as they did before whole nerfs, which is absolutely not the truth.


I also dont see any info about isk krabbed in wh space in comparison to other sectors.

They don’t track wh data

They did in eariler reports

But stooped when data was inaccurate. And since person that made backend for MER is no longer with CCP. I suspect that nothing is upgraded or touched. Expect collecting data.

The evaluation of the Mining Value is of course not correct, because the prices have tripled and quadrupled.

You’re misunderstanding what the data says. Mining value means value of ore in ISK. This already reflects the market price increase.

Looking at the published data, mineral price index increased 44% for low-end minerals and 37% for high end minerals from January 2020. This very much reflects market reality.

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From the CSM meeting notes regarding Rapid Content Delivery:

• CCP also needs to convey more information in patch notes instead of leaving it for a debate whether a change is intended or a bug. For example, MER is released without any context as to how CCP feels about the metrics. CCP agrees.

The old Quarterly Economic Newsletters provide a wonderful reporting template. Preparing it in this format took time, and CCP decided to let players pick and choose what was worth commenting about by simply publishing raw data and charts. The economic team could have spent a day or two writing about various subjects, but one topic of highest player interest rises to the top every time: “look at that mining and ratting in Delve.”

CCP MARKETING should champion the return of the QEN. Some players printed the QEN, handed it to other gamer friends, and said “look at how seriously CCP takes internet spaceships.”

It was wonderful fodder for player debate about metrics chosen and observations such as this, from Q3 2009.

In Q2 there was a significant change in the most popular ships used. The Raven fell from first place to sixth, and the Hulk took over as the most popular ship. This big change is attributed to the Unholy Rage campaign against RMT operations in EVE, since RMT mission runners were heavy Raven users.

During the last quarter, the number of characters piloting motherships (soon to be renamed to Supercarriers with the release of Dominion) broke the 400 mark, with 426 characters in motherships when this snapshot was taken. The number of characters in dreadnoughts declined considerably, from 1,125 to 767. One plausible reason might be lower interest in territorial warfare since the announcement of sovereignty system changes in Dominion. That would also explain the increased general interest in industrial ships, as corporations and alliances shift from war mode to production mode in preparation for Dominion. We have seen similar behavior prior to the release of other expansions.



Confirmation needed whether PLEX is included in CPI. Looking at the raw data, indexBasket.csv - primaryIndex field for PLEX is listed as “N/A” however categoryName filed is “Accessories” which appears to be listed under CPI calculations.

I think he’s more trying to make the point that this statistic may be misleading as some will believe it to say that the amount being mined has not changed, rather than what you point out, which is that the total value is relatively unchanged.

It’s a data point I’ve been wanting to see for a while personally - m3 mined over time by region.


you got it, thank you.

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Uber Carebear I see

Shhh! You’ll ruin his narrative.

I have a question about how the Trade Balance figures are calculated: What are all the factors that affects this figure?

amount of m3’s mined would be a nice metric to see actually. A ship grabbing 100m isk of the best ore vs a ship grabbing 100m isk of veldspar would be quite a difference in time and effort. Would be very curious to see for sure. I wonder if theres a way to ask for that to be shown

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