How much isk can I expect?

I live in a C5 wormhole system. I am setting up for robotics, but I dont know much about it and I am wondering how much isk I can make.

This is my setup:

Lava: Consumer Electronics

Lava: Consumer Electronics

Barren: Mechanical Parts

Barren: Mechanical Parts

Temperate: Assembly into Robotics

I have this running on 4 alts, I will come and pick up/ transfer goods every 24 hours.

How much can I expect to make?

In nullsec I was averaging about 2000 units of P2 per planet per week. 4 alts time 4 P2 planets gives you 16,000 units of each P2 commodity per week, which works out to about 4800 units of Robotics per week, which is currently selling for 100K ISK/unit in Jita.

I was harvesting P2 once a week and feeding my factory planet every day. You only need 1 character running a factory on the temperate planet - get the other 3 making industrial explosives - add a few million to the bottom line.

you can put 3 P2 producer per planet if you are going 24/cycle, that means 15 P2/h/planet I think.
That should produce 0.75M/H/character; ie 18M/d/character (from P2 generation only)
Your produce 60 P2 per character per hour, so that translates into 9 robotic/character /hour.
that means you consume the 0.75M/h of P2 production to have 0.9M/h of P3 production.
If you had more production instead, that would make more money ; so in this case you are losing money by making P3.

You should instead only have one character with production out of 4 character. By experience, that is definitely enough. This way you would have ± 0.9375M/h of P2 on the characters with 5 P2 planets (instead of the 0.9M/h), and the transformation of the 15 * (5 * 3+4=19) = 285 resulting P2 into P3 per hour on the toon with transformation, so 42.75 P3/h ie 4.275M/ total = 114 M/d (instead of the 0.9 * 24 * 4=86.4M/h if having each toon a transform planet)

of course that is assuming you have 0% tax.


in my opinion, P3 is not he way to go if you want to maximize profit. The P3 market is quite volatile and the market volume in Jita is fairly low which leads to the volatility. P3 is only used by T2 producers in fairly low volumes while P2 is also used in huge volume by people running factory planets around Jita to make P4.

If you can manage the increased volume, a well chosen P2 product will net more. Also it is easier to balance the extraction rates than with P3.

I use extraction planets with two ECUs with 10 heads and a launchpad each to pull maximum rates of P0 (I tend to do a quick export run after roughly 12h to avoid the launchpad overflowing).

I then have factory planets with 7 advanced and 14 basic factories and 1 launchpad and 1 storage unit to produce P2.

My 3 chars and 17 planets take about an hour a day and net 120m+.


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