How powerful are you?

This could be a fun thread. And in EvE theres so many ways to measure this.

For me, being a Pi-factory and Industry startup, my measurement would probably be how much isk can I put into production per day.

And I think isk of production per day is a reasonable measurement for industry players? Are there other measurements to go by?

But, for PvP or PvE, or scouting. What are some measurements to go by? Isk per hour seems common.

Can we be more creative?

Kill board %'s?


Have fun

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tl;dr “Look at me mommy, look at me”


I measure my time in Eve not on how much Isk I have or how many ship’s I measure it on how much fun I am having because if you are not having fun what’s the point? As long as I end the day with a rush of adrenaline and a false sense of accomplishment I would say I am doing well.


i prefer my use of my SP at over 266m now and every skill i fly everything and use everything so it keeps eve from being so boring. all home grown for 14 years now.


Should have read, now you look like a bozo.

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I dunno. Anyone can technically buy the SP…

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my power level is over 9000.


yes that is true if you wish to spend thousands of dollars. mine is cultivated with using them. the only skills i dont think ive used has been my super/titan skill set due to not being in an alliance and all that.

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I’m powerful enough that I don’t need to spam random attention seeking threads on the forums. :slight_smile:


Scoots you ALWAYS spam and seek attention lol


I’m a nobody, majority of the time I just cruise around in the background doing my own thing, a bit of exploration here, some scouting there, maybe even a smidge of manufacturing at times, just an everyday Neville nobody plodding along doing their own thing.

Although every now and then I like to live by the saying “if you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”, so I cloak up in a system somewhere.




Eve is like real life, if I ever start to think I have any sort of power, there is always someone that reminds me that I am nothing…


Well, being powerful is presented in many different forms which is perceived by others in many different ways. What one person perceives as powerful, another person may not.

After 11 1/2 years, I view my standings and the work I’ve done with them as the most powerful aspect of my Eve Career.

Currently there’s 23 different Factions active in Eve. Right now I have positive standings with 16 of those 23 Factions and will soon have 18 of 23 Factions positive.

Out of the 5 Factions left, 2 are negative and the other 3 are neutral. My standings with these 5 Factions will remain as they currently are.

If in the future CCP implements a way to make those 5 Factions positive, then I’ll make them positive as well. Until such time, I’m happy in knowing that I succeeded in gaining positive standings with as many Factions as possible within Eve.


This is an awesomely creative way to measure it!

Especially considering how difficult it is to balance those.

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I am mighty!

Probably. In a way at least. Maybe. Not sure though, maybe not. I guess I measure it in “am I enjoying this?”. If the answer is ‘yes’ then I am pretty sure I’m doing it right. Got no time for killboards or isk/hour etc cos I don’t need to prove anything and I am happy with the size of my penis.
As it is a game I play it and as it is a pretty wide-ranging game I am constantly enjoying learning more as time goes on and then getting better bit by bit.

If that stops, I won’t play it any more but it hasn’t so I do.

On balance, I guess I am mighty after all \o/



Like that painting very calming :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m unbeatable!


As this is an EVE related thread I am pretty sure there are a bunch of sharks gate camping that shoreline. :shark: :wink: