A nearly newcomer here

I started playing Eve back in 2009 and tried the in game guide and i got hooked. Always wanted to play in the mining industry, got my self an Hulk fitted with T2 items. I was happy and content. I tried to get into PI but back then there wasnt any guides on youtube like there is today.

Hence why im here now, alot has changed since my time here, and i upgraded my account to Omega this week.
Why i stopped playing was i lost my Hulk in high sec and i was devestated and lost all willpower to play.
I despise pvp and frankly i think its so boring (maybe because i cant pvp idk.)

What i do have left is my Maelstrom and a Drake. Will it be possible for me to do PvE missions in 0.6 sec and aquire enough ISK for another Hulk?

Is there ISK to be earned in PI w/o have a doctorine in mathematics?

Mining + PI is what i want in Eve…maybe wormholing but im to stupid for that :smiley:
Thanks for reading, and best regards!

PS. love the new skilling spree and skill injectors, i can catch up now.


Yes. Although the time required for that depends on your activity and level of missions you are planning to do, as well as your involvement with market PvP to get the best out of LP you will earn.

Common sense, logic and some basic arithmetic should be enough.


Pm me in game.

PI is one of things that if you “just start to do it” then generally it won’t end well. I would suggest to invest time and effort into figuring stuff out, planning WHAT to produce based on market information so you can figure out what is worthwhile to do isk wise. And remember the opportunity cost principle, always keep that in mind.

On top of that I’d be careful with the factual advice or numbers given by “random people”. “People” generally aren’t very good with facts or logic.

Most certainly.

You don’t need a ‘doctorate’ :slight_smile:

There’s risk involed in J space for everyone, even the most experienced players. What’s important is that you learn from what you’ll immediately view as a negative experience and forge ahead.

Good luck to you, and welcome back :slight_smile:

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Nobody uses a hulk in highsec anymore. Stick with a procurer or a skiff. You can make lots of isk with pi but the more you make the more it becomes like a tedious second job.

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Thank you all so much for the response, you live up to what i said that eve has one of the best communites a game could have.
I was afraid of that what Janus Gregorian said. i felt there is a need to investigate the market before commiting to PI, however i dont have the patience nor the brains for that to calculate all thoose things.
Maybe should try get into Moon mining?

I have yet to have a negative experience with wormholing, i had a few succefull worming, but switching from Heron and a dmg ship is to tedius. Thank you!

Vol Arm’oo I bought a lot of plex and sold it and bought a mackinaw…currently mining in 0,9 sec
Seems mining and maybe some level 4 missions is what there is for me in Eve.
I like mining, its like going fishing IRL.


Welcome back, Ceold.
Sorry to hear about your Hulk but you must’ve known you’d lose it someday. That’s EVE nothing lasts forever.
I’ve read “Don’t fly anything you can’t afford losing.” That’s the best tip I know.
I wish you good luck on your next venture and hope you won’t have to wait long to get yourself another Hulk.

And yes, the Skilling Spree and Skill Injectors are very good ideas and it’s great for players like me who just started. I’ll be buying a buttload of Skill Injectors and put them towards manufacturing and Mining/Reprocessing.

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Thank you Theo Herald, glad to be back!
As a matter of fact i didnt, i thought 0.6 was high sec and all high sec pvp was forbidden by ingame rule.
So i thought to my self as long as im in high sec im safe mentality. I know now thats not the case and you can even get ganked in 1.0 sec.

Haha the first thing i read even before playing Eve was “Dont fly anything you cant afford losing”.
The diffrence is since 2011 from now that i have good IRL salary. So i just bought alot of plex and sold it and bought myself a mackinaw now.

Yes skill injectors are awsome! bought 2 large injectors early today to catch up on ore processing. Awsome even though its quite expensive.

/best regards Ceoid


a mackinaw and/or hulk are ganking magnets - they are unneeded in highsec. If you are not doing moon mining you are doing it wrong. Join a corp a mine their moon (.5 space). So in short, sell the mackinaw, buy a procuer and then a skiff. Mine them moon rocks. Ofc the real isk is with roquel moon mining in low and null - although the blackout makes null mining more complicated.

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WB, Ceoid! I guess CODE miner gankers were around when you were playing EVE? Anyone mining in high sec needs to at least be aware of CODE guys. I don’t know how active they are anymore, though.

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