How to block trolls on the forums?

Hello all,

There are a couple trolls in the general discussion forum. I assumed I could just block them so I don’t have to see their nonsense, however, I am not seeing any option to do that…

How do I block them?


Edit: I found it! Thanks! You have to go to preferences → Ignore

Click on a person’s name. You can view their profile. And there is a drop-down menu that sets how you view their posts.

Here’s what it looks like on my phone.

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Ahh. This person has their profile hidden, probably just to make it harder to block them! Thanks a ton.

yea, if their profile is hidden, unfortunately you cannot ignore them…

You can, you just have to go to preferences and add them to the ignore list!

I’ve got the troll blocked, I’ll never see his drivel again :slight_smile:



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