How to buy fitted Astrahus in WH?


Just wanted to ask a question. I was looking to settle in a WH of some special kind and found one with lonely Astrahus in it. I am ready to pay for it, owner ready to transfer it to my corp, but we both do not want to lose ISK. I know about Chriba and I believe there are more respected players, who offer reliable services as middleman. I just want to ask how it works. What is the reasonable tax for such a service?

First of all you will want to clarify who is going to pay for the 3rd party. After that is done you will usually get into a chat with the seller and the third party. The third party will/should ask what items are to be sold and what price was agreed upon. Both of you need to confirm. Once that is done you will be asked to transfer the ISK to the third party. When it has received your payment the seller will be asked to transfer the citadel to a corp of your choice. As soon as you confirm everything has been transfered correctly the third party will forward the ISK to the seller.

Rates for such a service differ. Most guys who are still running a 3rd party service either have fixed prices for certain structures (which can be found in their respective threads) or charge a %-fee.

Hope it helps a little.

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Cribba is a safe choice but not always warranted. Usually the buyer is the one who is going to require and pay for the 3rd party service, but it might be paid by a highly motivated seller. Keep in mind that sometime the 3rd party broker is the scam (except Cribba, of course)

Rather than a broker, breaking up the payment might be a workable solution.

It sounds like you’re already in the hole, otherwise part of the payment could be for an entrance.

Then a down payment for docking rights into the citadel. You should then get access to take control of the citadel so you can check it’s current fitting.

From there, the buyer is most likely going to have to pay the money and hope the transfer is made. Do some research on the player, corporation, and the WH to get a feel of whether he’s an honorable player (most Eve players are).

Don’t forget about the POCO’s. The sale is safer if they are owned by the same person/corp.

I’ve sold 2 wormholes in my time and just for easy math let’s say I sold it for an agreed price of 3b ISK:

He will pay 1b for the entrance.

1b for the POCO’s

1b for the Citadel.

It’s worked great both times. Or yeah third party is pretty common and just like a house you can negotiate the ‘closing costs’ (brokerage fee for the third party)

Interesting. Is there any list of “third party”? I tryed to find “Chriba”, mentioned by OP or “Cribba” mentioned later on, but none seems to be a third party person.

Chribba is the best one I suppose. I remember there was a couple third party threads in the old forum but not sure who else to use. Don’t wanna risk dealing with him directly?

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