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Sup peeps


Over my time in eve I have been able to collect and use every ship (apart from the super old, super rare, unobtainable battleships)
and have enjoyed making my trillions through pure damned luck. I have been everywhere in eve for at least a year at a time, Wh’s, null & low. I currently reside in low sec and in my opinion believe that the best pvp of all kinds can be had here.

UPDATE: Now working normal job so send me a ping and i will usually be around from 5PM - 10PM GMT

Now specializing in Citadel and IHUB transations

If you want to speak to me more join my channel in game: ‘Mercs alt channel’ or join my discord channel, reach me from 12:00 UTC until 00:00 UTC on there. DISCORD

Если вы желаете связаться я пожалуйста, то соедините мою в-игру канала: “Mercs alt channel” или вступать мою разладку. Я нормально доступен между 12:00 UTC и 00:00 UТС.

I am more than willing to answer any questions or queries you might have
I ask people treat this thread with respect and do your best not to attack me or anyone else, after all i am here for you.

IHUB - 10 mill per 1
astrahaus - 50 mill
Fortizar - 150 mill
Keepstar - 2 billion

Wormholes: c1-4 150 mill
c5-6 200 mill

Super carriers: 150 million
Titans: 250 million

Completed transactions: 27/12/16
Super carriers:

Nyx: 12

Aeon: 9

Hel: 2

Wyvern: 1


Avatar: 4

Erebus: 2

Leviathan: 4

Ragnarok: 1

Wormholes: 43

Citadels: 18



Trustworthy guy , would let him hold my titan anyday

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Wanted to buy a wormhole, found the one I wanted but didnt trust the seller. I jumped in mercs public channel and he headed straight over. No nonsense and really respected both parties. Would use again.

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Excellent handler of large phallic spaceships. Would recommend.

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Exellent ! Really Fast !

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A+++++++ great guy, would deal again

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still in business


Sorry for the long break, im back to help out

You’ve missed all the deals.

But I’m here now! :slight_smile:

If I have helped you out with 3rd party stuff, remember to post :slight_smile: Every reference helps for those unsure


Hey man been looking for u…got some questions about a job…please get up with me asap…thanks jay

a+++++ merc is a trustworthy 3rd party thats my 3rd dealing with him


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+1 was legit & professional 3rd party.

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+1 successful wh transfer, will use again if needed

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