☯☯☯ Mercfromabove's 3rd party service (now specializing in WH transfers)

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exam season is over, lets go boiiis

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This shall not be locked!

This guy us godly, appreciate everything that you gave us. We owe u so much. Thanks

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just recounted my last couple of months worth of work. Wormhole transactions have almost doubled!

If you are in need of a third party for such a deal don’t hesitate to get in contact. You can find me on discord 18/7

Have you thought about advertising your service on EN24?

sure, also back in eve full time

Keeping with the christmas spirit, one lucky customer will receive a prize if you use my services this month.

Deal still going

Found a great retribution fit. Loving it

Thank you for your help with wh sale!

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Mercfromabove, thanks for 3rd partying our business, fast, easy and good pricing. Will use again.

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