[Service] Third Party - Edwin Niwde

After market pvping for several years, I have decided to take a more active role in the eve community. I am now offering my services as a third party broker.

As a third party, I can help two parties transfer their isk and or products between each other securely.
A common transactions in recent days that would require a third party is the transferring of citadels. I of course would offer my services for any size deal that is in need of it. No transaction is too small for me to refuse.

Considering that I will be just starting, I will have my fee at a meager 1% of the transaction cost. Feel free to contact me at any time.

I hope to be of use to the eve community, cheers.

Why would anyone trust a CFC freighter bumper and ganker as a third party…

You are still sitting in your bumper machariel.

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I’m merely interested in providing third party services.

I used this young fellow to transfer a fitted citadel between myself and a buyer, so at least he’s trustworthy for up to 3 billion ISK.

This guy offered to third-party an Azbel I was selling, I took a chance so he could build some cred. No problems from either end, may use again.

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