[Service] 3rd Party Service

For a while I have been acting as a neutral, trusted, 3rd-party service for e.g. citadel transfers.

With this thread I’d like to offer my services officially.

During my almost 8 years playing EVE Online, I have become reasonably known in the nullsec coalition FCing world, as well as small-scale scene (with my alt Leokokim), german eve player scene and for developing api-related applications.
Currently I am the main fleet commander for the nullsec alliance “League of Unaligned Master Pilots”.

If you wish to contact me feel free to write an EVEmail to “Mikokoel”, or convo me ingame. Usually I can be available between 1800 and 0100 ET.

Please note that in order for a citadel to be transferred, it cannot be reinforced and the corporations cannot be at war (with anyone).

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