Bryce's (yes, that Bryce) 3rd Party Service

Hello. I am offering 3rd Party Services for titan, supercarrier and citadel transactions. I have been playing EVE Online since 2005 and have managed many high value transactions in that time.

Titans - 300M
Supers - 150M
Citadels - 100M

Feel free to contact me in game via convo or evemail.

Thank you.

Ingame Channel:
Bryce and Friends

Hi folks, CEO of Free Range Chikuns, your friendly neighborhood chikun themed LS alliance. This is my totally not paid endorsement of the man, the myth, the legend, Double Penetrate.

Real talk, I’ll vouch for this guy. +1

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old friend, he held a tone of isk for me and never had issues, i couldn`t find his price, i doubt anyone else could

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Huh. That’s a coincidence. This youngpuke guy created a thread offering the same service at the same prices yesterday, but deleted his original post and asked the mods to delete the thread after people questioned whether or not it was a scam.

Also, this service offers no security and no recourse. It’s based solely on trust. Unfortunately, the only way to know for certain whether he is honorable or a con artist is to wait and see if he ever runs off with anyone’s isk or assets.

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