How to delete search history in the waypoint manager. Maybe only store history where there were results?

Excuse me good sirs,


I just stumbled across a little question, because I really use that search thingy a lot to navigate.

So, being a brute with fingers like sausages, I often type like you computer games guys lift. (no that was a joke, sry)

Also, being an idiot, I often misread system names and then type Illfinrik instead of Illinfrik and such. (<- DO you read a difference, SEEE?)
Or Gulmorogod? “Gulmorogod??, comeon!”

Well, the problem is now, im having a lot of these miserable attempts to write, in my history.
This can surely be cleared, but how?

Maybe it would also be very intelligent to tell the client to only save that stuff i typen when there were actually results?

Thnaks for your help guys, <- SEE?


Right click the input field. That deletes all input field inputs, though.

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Thanks. Duh.

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